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Our Holiday Best Seller – Legs & Body Warm Wax

Our Holiday Best Seller – Legs & Body Warm Wax

Beautiful results, natural ingredients, and cruelty-free waxing kits – these are just a few of our favourite things! With Christmas around the corner, the holiday countdown is on! We at Parissa could not be more excited! To help you get in a festive mood this holiday season, we are putting a spotlight on our holiday bestseller: Parissa Legs & Body Warm Wax.

Lusciously smooth skin from head to toe, Parissa Warm Wax is a favourite of ours for all-over body waxing. Its non-toxic formula is gentle on face, body, or bikini. Salon-style results from home and luxe vegan ingredient make this Parissa Warm Wax Kit the perfect holiday gift!

What is Warm Wax?

Parissa Warm Wax lifting from jar

Warm wax is a soft wax, which means that it first must be heated and applied as a liquid (with the help of a spatula) – and then quickly removed with an epilation strip. Warm wax grabs fine hair perfectly and works well on larger areas of the body.

An added skincare benefit? Warm wax adheres to skin more than hard wax, meaning that your skin is gently exfoliated each time you wax.

Why Parissa Warm Wax is a favourite

Parissa Legs & Body Warm Wax is a wonderful gift for a pampering selfcare experience. Our kit has everything you need for the perfect at-home wax. It comes with strips, spatulas, and a deliciously soothing aftercare oil for post-wax maintenance.  

Our Warm Wax is completely vegan. It’s a salon-style hair removal wax for face, legs, bikini, and even underarms. Parissa Warm Wax is especially effective on stubborn or coarse hair – yet gentle enough for at-home waxing.

What’s even better? Parissa Warm Wax is microwavable. It also pairs perfectly with the Parissa Mini Pro Wax Warmer.

ClassicLegs & Body Warm Wax Kit

  • 150ml warm wax
  • 20 epilation strips
  • 3 wooden spatulas
  • 5ml Ultra Soothe Oil

Parissa Legs and Body Warm Wax Kit with components

5 Star Reviews of Our Warm Wax

Easy to use and great results.

“I used to shave my legs, arms and armpits and the hair grows fast, irritating my sensitive skin. I got Parissa free to try and it is amazing. It comes with everything for an easy application. I just microwave the wax, apply it, and strip it. It comes with a soothing oil too, which is fantastic and soothes my skin. The hair took longer to come out and it grows thin.

- Ghizlane

Best wax!

I think this wax is the most comfortable I’ve used so far! There will always be pain with waxing, but this went well.

- Kelsey 

The Perfect waxing kit!

This waxing kit is better than what I have used in the past. The wax goes on smooth and it doesn't take a long time to warm up. When added with the strips for removal, it pulls the out clean and with very minimal pain.

- Samara

Your Holiday Gift Guide

Our Warm Wax is one of our bestsellers during the holidays -- consider this personal inspiration to add Parissa Legs & Body Warm Wax to your shopping cart if you’re unsure about what to get your loved ones this gift-giving season!

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