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Frequently Asked Questions

Does waxing hurt?
Everyone’s seen a movie or videos about the perils of waxing - so is it really that bad? The truth is that whenever you remove hair from the root, you are likely to feel some discomfort. But this feels more like plucking your brows or pulling off a band-aid. The initial sensation only lasts for a second, but the results last for weeks. The discomfort can also depend on your hair type or the body area. Waxing your arms or legs will feel different than more sensitive areas like the underarm or bikini. But like other beauty regiments, it gets easier and more comfortable over time as the hair becomes weaker and finer.

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How do I pick the right wax?
It depends on the area you want to wax, your hair type, and what style of hair removal is most important to you. For beginners Parissa Wax Strips and Parissa Sugar Wax are great options. If you have more experience waxing, Parissa Warm Wax or Parissa Hot Wax. For smaller sensitive areas with short and coarse hair (bikini, underarm etc.) Parissa Hot Wax is the best choice. If you're not sure where to start please email us at hello@parissa.com, and we'll be happy to help you out.

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Sugar wax vs Sugaring?
Sugar wax is generally applied with a wooden spatula and the wax is removed with a fabric strip, whereas the type of paste that is used for sugaring is a hard, thick, sticky ball of wax that you mold and shape in your hands, apply to your skin, and then zip off.

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How do I do my own Brazilian wax?
Doing your own Brazilian wax takes expertise and patience to learn. It also requires a little ‘flexibility’ so typically this treatment is not recommended for first-time waxers. The Parissa Hot Wax is without question the best choice for Brazilian Waxing. We have a speific page showing you how it's done.

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Received a damaged product?
Oh No! Sometimes products may get damaged during transportation but don't worry email us at hello@parissa.com and we’ll get replacement products shipped to you right away, on us!

Want to know more about Parissa waxes? Visit our FAQs page or connect with our Waxing Experts.

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