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Face & Lip Wax Strips
Sonia Bitton (New York, US)
Great Help

Yes Love the products work GREAT.

Thank you so much!

I've been using the sugar wax for years and I love it.

Thank you Kristine! We're so glad you love it too!

Brow Wax Strips
Sana (Toronto, CA)
Great Eyebrow Strips

These wax strips are super easy and convenient to use and are great for beginners as well. I find them mess free and pain free. These are great for shaping the eyebrows and also am for a quick touch up. I’ll definitely recommend these to everyone:)

Thank you Sana!

Face & Lip Hot Wax

Got this for lip and chin hair… it is easy to use. Chin, jaw line is straight forward… upper lip area can be a little tender to do… but just pay attention to the directions and do in small sections. Great product!

Thanks Gina! :)

Face & Lip Wax Strips
Farangees Rahmati (Reston, US)

Face & Lip Wax Strips

Brow Wax Strips
Samrah Noreen (Etobicoke, CA)
Larissa Brow Wax Strips

I am truly amazed on how the all Natural - Biodegradable wax strips worked! I love how it maintained and shaped my brows. I also can’t forget how it is mess and fragrance free. It is so easygoing beginners and easy for travelling. Thanks Parissa for this AMAZING Product!!

Thank you so much!!!

Face & Lip Wax Strips
Drea Bermea (Oklahoma City, US)
Lip wax and face wax

Was amazing, and I like the way it was easy to apply!

Thank you Drea!

Organic Roll-On Sugar Wax
Elsa (Montreal, CA)
Never disappointed with the Organic Roll-On Sugar Wax !!

I have been using this wax for over 5 years, and each time I am amazed by the results. I fully recommend this wax! The only small disappointment I have (which is why I am giving a 4-star instead of 5-star) is that you can no longer buy just the sugar wax refill without repurchasing the whole kit.

Thank you Elsa!

Face & Body Sugar Wax
Heather M (Davison, US)

This is a really nice product to have on hand. I love the loofah, it is hard at first but once wet and then a little bit of the tea tree oil soap is used it makes a really nice lather and softens perfectly. The only thing I don't like about it is that the string that holds the loofah to a hook in the shower can sometimes get caught around a finger but it's great. I would get a bigger loofah just to use all over the body and not just in smaller areas. I had been looking for a tea tree oil soap for awhile now, as it does help clear up blemishes and ingrowns that may have become infecting or irritated.

Thank you Heather!

Legs & Body Wax Strips
Stephen McKee (Portland, US)
first try

your strips work very good,

Thank you Stephen!

Epilation Strips (Large)
Bethany Johnson (Calgary, CA)
Packaging is plastic

I only buy from Parissa because it's the best wax for me. It works the best. I always buy epilation strips as well and usually they come in a cardboard box wrapped in a little bit of plastic. They've changed the packaging so that it's completely wrapped in hard plastic, which bothers me. They brag about the strips being biodegradable (thank you, I love that) but changed the packaging to be even worse for the environment. I hope one day Parissa changes it back, or to something better. That being said, the strips are great.

Organic Sugar Wax
Nishi Singh (Burlington, CA)
Love it

I was always scared of waxing at home. But after using parissa wax I am so happy with the results. There is no irritated skin, no red marks just smooth skin.

Thanks Nishi, we're so glad you tried it out!

Bikini & Underarm Wax Strips
Nica c (Laval, CA)
the best

I have used other wax hair removal but didn’t work properly. But this one is great! I loved it! Just one strip and the hair is gone. I use it for my armpit. I love the soothing oil too. I Will purchase again.

Thank you! We're so glad you love them as much as we do!

Brow Waxing Pen
Akay Koundal (Etobicoke, CA)
Love it

Very easy to use.. i have been really enjoying using this wonderful product. I will definitely recommend this to others. It is pain free and gives the vest results

Thanks so much Akay! Glad you love it

Organic Sugar Wax
Erin Ward (Washougal, US)
I love your products but…

I have used your products before and I was looking for a waxing kit. Decided to try a different one. I wasn’t happy with the results. Previously I used your hot wax kit and loved it.

Thank you for letting us know about your experience, Erin! Our customer service team will reach out directly to offer support.

Face & Lip Hot Wax
Cindy Leder (Toronto, CA)

LOVE my new wax warmer and wax pot. So easy to set up and it works so well!!! Thanks for helping me manage my own waxing needs at home!!!

Thank you Cindy, we're so glad you love your new at-home waxing routine!

Wax It Away

This was a very good wax that did an amazing job without irritating the skin and it did not leave any residue behind. It was better than my regular wax for sure and was easy to use and apply and clean up after.

Perfect Brows

These wax strips were perfect for waxing my brows. The wax strips were very effective removing all the hairs the first time and very easy clean up. The directions were so easy to follow and it was pain free to remove. I will be using only this brand from now on because they have perfected there wax and wax strips for a clean pain free wax everytime.

Brazilian Hot Wax
All Natural & Easy to Use

The instructions and pro tips were easy to follow. The wax was easy to use and clean up. The wax removed all the hair cleanly so there was no tweezing to do after waxing. The wax and soothing oil left my underarms and bikini area soft and smooth. The all natural ingredients in the wax didn't cause any skin irritation except the slight redness directly after waxing. Within a few hours, the redness had gone away. Thanks to Parissa, my underarms and bikini area are hair free and I have finally found a gentle wax that doesn't irritate my skin.

Worked better then I thought it would for me

I am a licensed esthetician and I Absolutly love waxing myself when needed as well as my clients. It was a very Easy application process and removal.

Brow Wax Strips
Not Recommended For Higher Arched Brows

I liked that the wax strips came with a brow brush and ultra soothe oil. I had to trim the sides of the plastic sheets that were attatched to the wax because it made it difficult to get as close to my brows as I needed to. If you have a higher arched brow, these are difficult to use. I had to use tweezers on most of my arch because the wax strips couldn't contour to the arch. If you have a low arched brow that is straight, these would work great for you. They are easy to use and are not painful when removing the hair. The strips make clean up easy and you don't have to worry about getting wax all over the place. The strips left a slight red tint to my skin afterwards, but not for very long. The soothe oil left my brows feeling very soft and hydrated afterwards.

Was a little stickier then I thought

The process of trying to wax my brows with this product was kinda tricky and got stuck to my fake nails more then anything but I tried to make it work.

Middle of the Road

It is a little messy and sticky. The wax heats up very quickly so be careful! You need to to put it on very thinly if you want it to work well. I would recommend more sticks be included but you could probably pick some up at a hobby store. I think I would rather just shave actually. I am 55 and don't really grow that much hair on my legs anymore anyhow and my Billie razor allows me to shave without any cream. So I'm middle of the road on this review.

Warm wax that works

I recieved this warm wax to use and review. I have dark stubborn leg hair with deep roots that has been difficult to remove by waxing and using devices like the "epilady"(remember those torture devices?)
My daughter has the little wax beads and warmer and I have used that...they are nice; so I was curious to how this would compare.
Firstly, for sure I would invest in the warmer next time or just buy a mug warmer to heat up the wax as microwaving it was unreliable. It was not hot.....not hot....not hot.....not hot....lava hot....
But I let it cool and got to work. It was easy peasy. Lifted ALL my Italian leg hair out off my leg and on to the cloth.
All and all...pretty painless and very effective.
It's a thumbs up from me.

Easy to use and great results.

I used to shave my legs, arms and armpits and the hair grows fast which irritate my sensitive skin. I got Parissa free to try and it is amazing, it comes with everything for an easy application, just I microwave the wax, apply it and strip it. It comes with a soothing oil too which is fantastic and sooth my skin. The hair took longer to comes out and it grows thin.