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Brow Wax Strips
Renee Bush (Columbus, US)

I have razing my eye brows forever, and searching for a better more effective way to get that perfect arch in my brows that say perfectly seductive. Parissa to the rescue, they came out perfect! You know you’ve done it right when you have the ideal look

Thank you Renee, we're so happy to hear that you found a brow product you love!

Ingrown Rescue Kit
Aaron Munir (Charlotte, US)

I have been using the rescue soap for about 5 days now and so far I am loving it. I've used the exfoliation scrub twice and it helps me in the process of removing my stubborn ingrown hairs in my cheek area. The best part of the whole process is the spray that is used after the soap. It is so soothing and refreshing. It takes away the burning sensation I have from the ingrown hairs.

Thank you Aaron! We're so glad to hear that it's been helping reduce ingrown hairs.

Hot Wax Refill Pods
Ariana Bakhtyari (Kingston, CA)
LOVE- Great wax, great heater, and easy to use

I’ve been using Parisa wax for many years now. It’s the only wax that doesn’t irritate my skin and is easy to use. The wax is great and gets all the hairs. I promise you that you aren’t making a mistake by purchasing this product. Highly highly recommend.

Thank you Ariana!

Brazilian Hot Wax
Stacie Hays (Rochester, US)
Stick to anything...

So this stuff will take off anything, waxing in general is not the most fun. This stuff is great, especially not having to use strips.

Thank you Stacie!

Professional Azulene Oil 250 ml
Carol Allen (Laguna Niguel, US)
Azulene Oil

Love this oil!! Had to buy a lot because you are discontinuing. I like your sustainability mindset, looking very forward to see what you replace it with.

Thank you Carol!
We're so glad you were able to stock up on a few bottles of the Azulene. We have moved to a new aftercare oil that is sustainably sourced and supports local suppliers.
You can check out the new Ultra Soothe Oil at the link below when you run out of the Azulene Oil!

Brow Waxing Pen
Anonymous (Bluffton, US)
Great product

Was able to easily wax my brows with no mess. Product works as advertised.

Thank you so much Jacqueline! We're so glad to hear you had great results using the Brow Waxing Pen!

Brazilian Hot Wax
Jacqueline Reed
Hot Wax Underarm

I love this that take long for three weeks. I feel better than shave.

Thank you Jacqueline!

Organic Roll-On Sugar Wax
AMANDA Craig (Sault Ste. Marie, CA)
Maybe it’s me…

It started off working well, however the applicator become clogged with wax and wouldn’t roll so well. The wax was still pretty warm. I will try it again though. I appreciate how easy it is to clean up with just water.

Hi Amanda!
Thanks so much for trying the Roll-On Sugar Wax!
If you are finding the roller head gets clogged with wax, try to keep it right side up in-between applications instead of upside down in the cup. You can also remove and rinse the roller-head under warm water, then dry completely and keep waxing!
We are always here to help!
Kind regards,
The Parissa Team

Brazilian Hot Wax
Anonymous (Toronto, CA)
So easy to use!

I've tried lots of wax products and this is the most effective for me. Very easy and convenient to use. I'll definitely buy again.

Thank you Joelle!

Organic Body Sugar 480 ml (Professional Size)
Elizabeth Ivany (Georgetown, CA)
the best

I have been using Parissa Sugaring product for well over 20 years. It is the best thing ever. no shaving, no hard wax to remove.... just easy melt away sugar. I'm happy to have found the larger container to purchase online, rather than the smaller ones in the pharmacy.

Thank you Elizabeth!

Ultra Soothe Oil
J Jay (East Syracuse, US)
Love this review!

I found this in my medicine cabinet, I have not used it yet, although after researching it, smelling it, I would strongly recommend to whomever had hair that they no longer have. I am as I am sure you will be pumped up, fired up motivated!

Thanks so much!

Bikini & Underarm Wax Strips
L.B. (Malden, US)
Save Your Money

I have a professional background in Quality Assurance. I often wonder if companies spend the extra time and money to beta test their products before putting them on the shelves. This product is messy and not effective at all. If someone were to actually test this product, it would be obvious to them. It left bruises on my inguinal area and the hair wasn't removed. The oil container is awkward to use, and the instructions are hard to read. *Bad.* I got it from Whole Foods. No wonder they are discontinuing it.

Hi there,

Thanks for trying out the Bikini & Underarm Wax Strips and for offering your feedback.
This product has been part of our product line up for 30+ years and we have done many rounds of rigorous testing on the usage and efficacy of all our products.
Like all beauty and cosmetic products, there is no one size fits all. There may be a different product that would be better suited to your hair type and skin type. To avoid bruising with any type of waxing product, the strip must be pulled parallel to the skin rather than up and away from the skin.
We will be sure to forward your comments to our product development team.
Thank you,
The Parissa Team

Face & Body Sugar Wax
A. (Burbank, US)
My fave wax

This is my fave wax! So easy to use. No Mess! No Pain! A product that really works. Tested and proven.

Thanks so much Aqbe!

Face & Lip Wax Strips
Julia (Chicago, US)
Another Great Way to Wax at Home!

These wax strips are effective and easy to use, much like the ones for brows. The only issue I have is the size. It was too big (length and width) for my upper lip. I suppose this could be adjusted by cutting the strips to size and shape, though I haven’t tried that myself yet.

Hi Julia! Thanks so much for trying our Face & Lip Wax Strips. You can absolutely customize the strips and trim them down to your preferred shape and size. We recommend doing this prior to peeling the strips apart. Happy waxing!

Ingrown Rescue Kit
Dennis Swindling (Bismarck, US)

Ingrown Rescue Kit

Brazilian Hot Wax
Raquel Ortiz (Brooklyn, US)
Love it!

I totally recommend this product
No pain and easy to use

Thank you Raquel!

Professional Azulene Oil 250 ml
Renee (Englewood, US)
Azulene Oil is PERFECT!

Thank you for providing such a High Quality product, as you do with your Azulene Oil. I appreciate your reasonable prices and the fast delivery! Best quality I have ever found!

Thank you so much Renee! We're so glad to hear you had a great experience on your first order from us!

Hot Wax 480 g (Professional Size)
Sadaf Sarfraz (Frisco, US)
Believe it

It is the best hot wax I have ever used. Easy to warm n use it. Mess free.

Thank you Sadaf!

Organic Roll-On Sugar Wax
N.S. (Montreal, CA)
Very satsfying product

Using it for my underarm. Ease of use, easy to clean: water only; strips are washable: water only; gentle product: no skin irritation. I strongly recommand!

Thanks so much Nicole!

Good product

I ordered the bikini and underarm wax strips and I liked them. I am a little disappointed I thought the wax would be a bit stronger to grip on hairs and pull them all (or the majority) out but unfortunately i was still left with a lot of underarm hair. I will try more of their products, maybe I just have thick body hair for wax strips. I really like the oil it comes with :)

Hi Susana! Thanks so much for trying out the Bikini & Underarm Wax Strips and leaving your honest feedback. I would suggest trying out our Warm Wax formula next time which is great for all over body waxing for those with medium to thick hair types. It is not a washable formula & gives salon-quality results at home.
You can take a peek at the Warm Wax here!

Organic Roll-On Sugar Wax
Great products, I no longer need my epilator and shaver!

It worked wonderfully. Spent way less time in the bathroom, instead I was able to watch netflix while using the product! Get every tiny fuzzy hair as I wanted. Smooth silky legs that I had never had before with just shaving. Highly recommended. Good thing I bought two!

Thank you Awalina! The Roll-On Wax really is a game changer!

Organic Sugar Wax
Yukti Sharma (Bellevue, US)

Loved how easy it was to apply the sugar wax and pull out did not hurt at all.

Thank you Yukti! We're so glad to hear it was a good experience.

Easy peasy

Love the simplicity of the strips and that I can take care of my legs on the go. I wish the larger packaging came with 2 post wax oils, but otherwise very happy! Long time user!

Thanks so much Mia!

Bikini & Underarm Wax Strips
Geissa Taveira (Winnipeg, CA)
Parissa’s feedback

I used the product only for face. On the last time I bought for fully body. I love it.

Thank you Geissa! We're so happy to hear you are loving the wax strips!

Organic Roll-On Sugar Wax
suhani rajguru (Philadelphia, US)

I never received my wax. Parissa team is claiming thats its delivered, but it's not. I have emailed now. Hope I get get some help.

Hi Suhani,
We're sorry to hear that your product never reached you, we have contacted our shipping carrier in regard to the missing package and issued you a full refund.
Please don't hesitate to contact us directly for additional support at hello@parissa.com
Kind regards,
The Parissa Team