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What is a Brazilian Wax? Everything You Need to Know

What is a Brazilian Wax? Everything You Need to Know

A Guide to Brazilian Waxing vs. Bikini Waxing

Go natural or go bare? Brazilian or Hollywood? How you groom your most sensitive area is definitely a personal choice. Luckily, bikini wax styles are now centered on whatever makes you feel most happy and beautiful in your skin.

This blog is here to help make sense of bikini waxing. Whether you are prepping for a beach vacation or simply looking to tidy up, choose a look that suits your lifestyle. It’s time for less stubble and more self-confidence. Who knows? You might be inspired to try all of the bikini waxing styles listed below.

What is Brazilian Wax?

This style leaves you completely smooth down there. From top to bottom, the goal of a Brazilian wax is to remove all hair from your most intimate regions. It’s ideal for anyone who prefers a nude and maintained look.

A classic Brazilian means leaving a small strip of hair on the front. You can leave a small design in the shape of a heart, diamond or triangle if you like to add a personal twist to your grooming. It’s also very common to simply remove all hair.

A brief history of Brazilian waxing:

So when and where did this style of waxing start? As its eponymous name suggests, Brazilian waxing has alluring South American origins. However, the style was actually first legitimized on the Streets of New York by the J Sisters at their Manhattan waxing salon in the early 90’s. Made popular by celebrities and models, the all-or-nothing approach to pubic hair quickly took the waxing industry by storm.

Nowadays Brazilian waxing is the go-to style for a hair-free look. It’s a very popular choice for those who want consistently smooth skin without shaving daily.

Perfect for: This style is perfect if you want to be completely bare (strip of hair optional). 

Best Wax: Hot or Hard Wax, Organic Sugar Wax

How is it different from bikini waxing?

A bikini wax removes hair only along your bikini or panty line. It tidies up any unruly hair that might peek out of your underwear or bikini bottom. It’s perfect if you want to look hair-free at the beach without removing all pubic hair.

Bikini Line

Tidies up hair along the bikini line and on the top. Most hair that isn’t visible is untouched.

Full Bikini

Shapes and waxes hair on the front and sides for a more defined and neat bikini line.

Perfect for: This style is great for beginners or those who prefer a more natural look.

Best Wax: Wax Strips, Hot or Hard Wax

What is Hollywood waxing?

Hollywood waxing removes absolutely all unwanted hair from belly button to lower backside. It particularly targets any hair that extends beyond the bikini line. It’s a favorite for Hollywood celebrities who need to always look picture-perfect.  

Perfect for: This style of waxing is for you if 100% hair-free makes you feel happy.

Best Wax: Hot or Hard Wax, Organic Sugar Wax, Wax Strips

Does waxing down there hurt?

Waxing lifts hair from the root. It is completely normal to feel some discomfort. However, the feeling only lasts a few seconds and the results will last for weeks. The more you wax, the easier it gets as hair becomes finer.

If you’re nervous, try waxing less sensitive areas such as your arms and legs first. When you’re comfortable with the process, aim for the bikini line.

Tips for making bikini waxing less painful:

Use a high-quality wax

Use a wax that is effective and gentle on this super sensitive area.

Grow your hair

Stop shaving and make sure your hair is long enough (2mm) to wax.

Breathe & relax

It might sound counterintuitive but relaxing you body makes waxing easier.

How long do waxing results last for?

Results typically last between 2-8 weeks. Each body is different, so the exact time will vary. When you start to see regrowth depends on your hair and growth cycle. A regular waxing schedule will eventually mean longer-lasting result between each wax.

If you need a quick touch-up, try our Wax Strips for Bikini. They’re convenient enough to take on your beach vacation or at-home between full waxes. 

Can you Brazilian wax at home?

Yes, skip the salon as you can safely and effectively wax your bikini area at home. With a proper waxing kit and technique, you may be surprised at how liberating it can be.

You know your body best. A common misconception is that Brazilian or bikini waxes can only be done in salon. We recommend using a hot or hard wax like the Parissa Hot Wax. Take it slowly and focus on one small area at a time. Relax and celebrate your waxing success!

Ready to DIY? Read our guide for expert tips on an at-home Brazilian.

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