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How Do I Pick the Right Wax?

How Do I Pick the Right Wax?

Does waxing at home scare you? Are you afraid it may hurt or create a mess? Maybe you’re considering a salon visit because you’re worried that it’s a complicated process! Well, I’m here to tell you waxing at home is easier than you think and a lot cheaper than the salon. In this blog, we’ll uncover the first and most important step for waxing at home: picking the right wax.

There are so many different waxes that it can sometimes be confusing even knowing which product to choose. While all waxes will work for any area, some waxes are better suited for some areas than others and some waxes are more effective on some hair types than others.  Choosing the right wax can also help reduce discomfort and generally result in a smoother experience. Below we’ve made a list of waxes to help you choose the best product suited for you.

  1. Pre-lined Wax Strips:If you’re new to waxing or intimidated by the process, we highly recommend using wax strips. Wax Strips are quick and easy to use, mess-free and don’t require heating. They’re the “goof-proof” way to test out waxing. Warm up the strips between your palms, separate the strips, press- on and pull off. It’s really that simple. The good news is that most wax strips come in a variety of sizes so you can use them for almost any part of the face or body.
  2. Hot Waxes: Hot Wax is the product most used in salons for waxing sensitive areas. This “salon-style” wax is used without strips and is solid like candle wax. You’ll need to melt this wax using a wax warmer or your electric stove. As the wax melts, it’s applied in a thick layer, and then removed as it hardens. For very short or coarse hairs or for smaller areas, this is the right wax for you.
  3. Warm Waxes:Similar to the Hot Wax, the Warm Wax is also a “salon-style” product that needs heating – fortunately, this one is usually available in a microwavable format. Unlike the Hot Wax, the Warm Wax is applied in a very thin layer and removed with epilation strips. Warm Waxes also work well for short and coarse hair but are a lot quicker and easier to use for large areas like the legs, back or body.
  4. Sugar Waxes:Made with only sugar, water, lemon, and chamomile; sugar waxes offer the most natural and gentle waxing option. Unlike the Hot and Warm Waxes that need to be cleaned with oil, Sugar Waxes wash off easily with water. Bonus: you can also wash and reuse the epilation strips for future use. Although Sugar Waxes can be used on any part of the face or body, they are most effective for fine or medium hair types.

Now that you have a better understanding of the different types of wax available to you, let’s see which one is the perfect wax for your specific body areas.

Brazilian, Bikini or Underarms

Wax Strips: easy to use, pre-lined wax strips provide instant hair removal. These wax strips are smaller sized and perfect for the face or bikini. They’re a great option for beginners too. Wax Strips are available in Face & Bikini sizes or Sensitive Formula Assorted Size version perfectly suited for the Bikini and Underarms.

Hot Wax: ideal for Brazilian waxing, underarms or short, coarse hairs on your chinny-chin-chin. This strip-free wax provides salon-quality results and is best for short, coarse or deep-rooted hair in sensitive areas.

Arms, Legs, and Underarms

Legs & Body Wax Strips: ideal for travel, and perfect for beginners - just press on and zip off. These wax strips are largest in size, perfect for the arms, legs & body.

Organic Sugar Wax, or Roll-On Sugar Wax: the organic sugar formula with chamomile makes this wax gentle and easy to use for large areas like the arms or legs. The Roll-On version comes with two applicator heads for allows for quick, simple and clean application.

Warm Wax: Use this salon strength microwaveable wax if you have coarse, dark or heavy hair growth. It’s not washable, but in terms of results for dark body hair, this one’s the best.

Upper Lip and Face

Face & Bikini Wax Strips: easy to use, pre-lined wax strips are great for instant facial hair removal. These wax strips are right-sized for the upper lip and sideburns.

Organic Sugar Wax: made from all organic, vegan-friendly ingredients makes the Organic Sugar Wax the ethical choice for even the most sensitive skin.

Hot Wax: Tired of hormonal facial hair? It’s thick, hard to see and difficult to remove. For these hairs, nothing works as well as Hot Wax. The No-strip formula shrinkwraps even the shortest and toughest hairs.


Precision Waxing Pen: Precision brow waxing is easy with the angled applicator head of the Waxing Pen. This product is perfect for brow shaping, upper lip smoothing and spot waxing small facial areas

Brow Shaper Wax Strips: fast, simple and effective. Easier and quicker than plucking. Just press on and zip off. Perfect for touch-ups, brow shaping or quick brow maintenance.

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John A Neiswander

John A Neiswander

August 20, 2019


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