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Our Story

"Confidence is the key to success" - Azar Moayeri

Parissa Azar graduation

A Woman On A Mission

Azar Moayeri, the founder of Parissa, was the first female Chemical Engineer to graduate from the University of Edinburgh. After this rare accomplishment, she returned to her native Iran to work as a Senior Project Manager at the National Petrochemical Company. As the lead of an otherwise all male team, she initiated and completed numerous successful projects. Due to the remarkable success of these projects, she was successively promoted to positions usually reserved for men years her senior.

Making A Life In Canada

Azar continued her success in the male dominated business world until political turmoil lead her to leave Iran with her husband and two young children. The family arrived in Vancouver in 1981 to start their new life.

In Canada, Azar noticed that the only hair removal products available were chemical lotions, bleaches or creams. Nowhere was she able to find any natural alternatives that provided performance without the use of harsh chemicals or toxins. This is when she saw the opportunity to start a new home based venture.

From her kitchen, Azar formulated Canada’s first all-natural hair removal product. Her husband manufactured the products while her children packaged the products at home after school. The family regularly attended community fairs, visited drug stores and other outlets to meet with consumers to demonstrate and sell their natural product. Success in the local shops spurred interest in other stores across Canada which grew the family business. This encouraged Azar to formulate new innovative products and grow the Parissa brand substantially.

Parissa Azar with husband
Parissa Azar cross armed

The Parissa Family

To this day, Parissa remains a family affair, albeit an extended family that includes a wonderful team of employees, suppliers, customers and product users who share a strong commitment to their community, environment and social responsibility.

Over the last 38 years, Parissa has expanded internationally yet continues to manufacture, package and ship products from its award winning eco-facility on the beautiful north shore of Vancouver. Today, Parissa is recognized as the global leader in natural hair removal.