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Sales Inquiries

Parissa takes great pride in being socially conscious and working with other companies who have aligned values. In order to better understand your request so we can provide you with pertinent information about our products and prices, we ask that you take a moment to complete this form. The information contained in this document will be treated as strictly confidential.


Social Responsibility

We at Parissa Laboratories Inc. realize the importance of responsibility for the world we live in and the products that we manufacture and sell.  We ensure all employees and contractors work in a safe environment and partner with like-minded customers, retailers and suppliers to make this belief a reality.

 Environmental Responsibility

We at Parissa Laboratories Inc. minimize the carbon footprint our company leaves behind. Our plant produces NO bi-products or environmental waste. Our facility is powered by natural gas and hydro-electric power, the cleanest most sustainable forms of energy. We use only responsible containers and packaging, intentionally made with materials that are easily recyclable or sustainably harvested. The paper used for Parissa boxes, instructions and promotional materials are produced from wood harvested from responsibly managed forests certified by either Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI).

No Animal Testing

We at Parissa Laboratories Inc. request that Suppliers refrain from animal testing, practice ethical labor practices, source ingredients in an ethical & sustainable manner and provide us with only natural ingredients and materials that are recyclable or produced with recycled content.

Health & Safety

We at Parissa Laboratories Inc. believe that all of our staff and those of our contractors are entitled to work in a safe, healthy and clean environment. Both in Canada and abroad we provide work environments that are free from harassment & discrimination.

Sustainably Sourced & Non-GMO Ingredients

We at Parissa Laboratories Inc. source our ingredients from Europe and N. America to ensure safe, high-quality ingredients.  All ingredients are natural, food-grade ingredients.  We refrain from using GMO’s, fragrances with phthalates, synthetic or chemical preservatives or parabens in our formulations.

Our Brand PromiseSmooth Skin: Clean & Simple.

Parissa’s brand promise extends through all facets of our business. Therefore,

  • Parissa products provide solutions for SMOOTH SKIN.
  • Parissa products are CLEAN & SIMPLE to use.
  • Parissa products have CLEAN & SIMPLE ingredients. Formulas are clean to the environment and kept simple with natural ingredients whenever possible.


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