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Parissa Wholesale & Private Label Program

Parissa Wholesale & Private Label  Program

Introducing Parissa's B2B Program: Wholesale and Private Label Services

Are you a salon owner, spa operator, or solo-preneur in search of top-quality hair-removal and epilation products? Look no further than Parissa's newly launched B2B program, designed to meet your specific business needs with ease and efficiency.

Wholesale Services

At Parissa, we understand the demands of your business. Our wholesale service offers a comprehensive range of professional series products tailored for spas, salons, and retail establishments. Whether you need hot waxes, warm waxes, or organic sugar waxes, we've got you covered. Enhance your service offerings with our post-epilation products along with essential supplies.

Available offerings:

Full range of professional products can be found here.

Perfect for:

  • Spas and salons looking for high-quality hair removal products
  • Retail businesses needing customizable quantities

Minimum Order Quantity is $200. We offer special pricings and discounts Parissa Wholesale Account Owners.

Apply for a wholesale account here.

Private Label Opportunities

For entrepreneurs and skincare brand owners looking to establish or expand their own brands, Parissa offers an exceptional private label program. Benefit from our extensive industry expertise and production support to create unique product lines that reflect your brand's identity. Overcome the challenges of high production costs with our streamlined processes and access to premium ingredients sourced from North American suppliers.

Our private label program is ideal for:

  • Entrepreneurs and skincare brand owners
  • Salons looking to develop custom product lines

Email us at hello@parissa.com to make arrangements.

About Parissa: A Trusted Name in Hair Removal

Founded by Azar, a dedicated entrepreneur with a passion for quality and sustainability, Parissa has been a pioneer in the waxing industry for over 40 years. As a female-founded business, Azar understands the needs and challenges of female entrepreneurs, much like many of the estheticians we serve.

Our Canadian-made products exemplify our commitment to supporting local economies and sustainable practices. We prioritize natural and organic ingredients that are safe for both your clients and the environment. You can choose your own ingredients and know where they’re sourced from—ingredients you can recognize, pronounce, and even eat!

From our humble beginnings to our international recognition, Parissa has built a reputation for excellence in both product quality and customer satisfaction.

Learn more about our story.

Why Parissa?

When you partner with Parissa, you're not just getting superior products—you're aligning with a brand that values ethics, empowerment, and elegance. Our commitment to sustainability is evident in every aspect of our business, from our ingredient sourcing to our production processes. We are proudly certified by Health Canada and adhere to the highest standards of product safety and efficacy.

Key reasons to choose Parissa:

  • Professional Products: Gain access to Parissa’s professional hair removal waxes, trusted by beauty experts worldwide.
  • Retail Opportunities: Offer Parissa’s consumer line in your salon, giving clients the option to continue their care at home with products they know and trust.
  • Custom Branding: Develop your own brand with our private label program, creating unique products that reflect your business’s identity.
  • Support and Education: Receive ongoing support to ensure your team’s success and client satisfaction.
  • Ethical and Sustainable: Align your business with a brand that values sustainability, ethical & cruelty-free practices, and natural ingredients. Learn more about our Eco-Friendly Production Facility in North Vancouver, USDA Certification, Sustainable Packaging Certification
  • Local Commitment: Partner with a Canadian company dedicated to supporting local and North American producers, ensuring quality and sustainability.

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