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International Women's Day: Parissa's Story

International Women's Day: Parissa's Story

International Women’s Day holds a special significance at Parissa and provides a perfect opportunity to share the remarkable story of our founder, Azar.

Azar's journey began with an outstanding achievement as the first female graduate in Chemical Engineering from the University of Edinburgh, UK. Returning to her native Iran, she defied norms to become a Senior Project Manager at the National Petrochemical Company, a rare feat for women at the time. Her resilience and determination became a guiding light for many facing similar challenges.

Upon arriving in Canada, Azar noticed a gap in the market – the absence of natural hair removal solutions. Undeterred, she embarked on a mission from her kitchen, crafting Canada's first all-natural and organic hair removal product. With the support of her family, Parissa was born, symbolizing a commitment to natural beauty and empowerment.

Guided by Azar's vision, Parissa has been on a mission to empower individuals around the world for 40+ years. At Parissa, we champion the autonomy of women to chart their own paths. Whether you're a devoted stay-at-home mother, an astute budget-conscious student, a driven career-oriented woman, or encompass all roles simultaneously, Parissa is here to support you in your journey toward self-assurance and authenticity. We take immense pride in fostering confidence and enabling women to embrace their true selves, irrespective of their life circumstances.

We are pleased to thank our dear community for choosing Parissa throughout the years and making all this possible!

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