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Mini Pro Wax Warmer (120V)

This Mini Pro Wax Warmer leaves you without mess or fuss. With its simple dial control, you can heat your wax to the perfect temperature. The silicone cup prevents spills and warms various types of wax, including hot wax, warm wax, wax beads, and sugar wax. Lid required for quicker heating. Perfect for home or salon use.

  • Warms Most Wax Types.
  • Perfect Wax Temperature.
  • Simple Dial Control.
  • Silicone Cup Prevents Spills.
  • Easy Use & Cleaning.

Product Contains:

  • 1 Plug-in electric wax warmer 120V


  • Silicone cup: Diameter: 78mm x H: 55mm
  • Interior Heating area: Diameter 80mm x H: 50mm
  • 120V power supply.
  • This is for usage in North America & Mexico.
  • Do not use with an external adapter or convert voltages.
  • Wax not included with warmer.



Wax beads create a perfect strip of wax for easy and effective hair removal. However, please read and follow heating instructions specific to your preferred wax beads. Heating times are for reference only. Always test temperature before applying.


The Parissa Face & Lip Hot Wax fits perfectly into the Mini Pro Wax Warmer. Simply place the metal cup directly into the warmer for mess-free heating.


Place any microwave-safe wax container like the Parissa Legs & Body Warm Wax directly into the Wax Warmer for easy heating.


If the container does not fit into the warmer, pour the wax directly into the silicone cup of the wax warmer. This allows you to customize the amount of wax you want heated up. Use a little or use a lot!


Do I just put my wax container right in the warmer or do I have to pour it in?
All Parissa Warm Wax, Sugar Wax and Hard Wax containers will fit perfectly into the Mini Pro warmer. Without removing the silicone cup, slide the container of wax into the unit. For soft wax, you may choose to pour your desired amount into the silicone cup rather than heating up the whole container.
How do I clean out different types of waxes?
Not all waxes are created equal! Please check the specific cleaning instructions for your wax type prior to cleaning. For Sugar Wax, simply remove and rinse the silicone cup with warm water and place in the dishwasher. Sugar Wax is 100% water soluble and does not require oil for cleaning. Only Sugar Wax is dishwasher safe.

Most other wax types will require oil for cleaning. First remove as much wax as possible from the silicone cup using an applicator stick. Using a spare epilation strip or cotton round, apply a generous amount of your chosen oil and begin wiping the wax in circular motions. Once the oil has softened the wax, you may be able to remove larger quantities at a time. Once most of the wax is removed, wipe the inside of the silicone cup with oil a final time. To sanitize, place the pre-cleaned silicone cup in the dishwasher. Resin based waxes such as hot, hard, or warm waxes are not dishwasher friendly so please ensure cup has no residual wax before placing in the dishwasher.
How big is it? Is it travel friendly?
The Mini Pro Wax Warmer is the best of both worlds! You get professional level heating and control while also being compact and convenient. The warmer can hold up to 8oz of softened wax, perfect for whole body waxing. With dimensions of 5in x 3.75in, it is small enough to easily travel with.

Customer Reviews

Based on 256 reviews
Cecilia San (Granbury, US)
Great hair removal product! Love it

Least painful hair removal product when compared to hard wax. Long lasting, great for sensitive skin. It’s very easy to use. I had great experience!

Thank you, we're so happy to hear you have a good experience with our products!

Waxing Made Easy!

I received this awesome waxing kit from @parissawax & @thisisbutterly in exchange for my honest review.

Are you summer ready yet? Tired of the endless shaving? Well get yourself together with an amazing wax kit like this one! It comes with everything you need including: hot wax pods, waxing spatulas and a adjustable wax warmer with rubber insert for easy clean up too! Honestly using this wax kit made it so much easier to wax. I have used other waxing kits and they just seem to be a huge mess and not really even do much, but this one was great. I love that I can adjust the temperature so I'm not burning myself when applying the wax too. The wax pods give you the perfect amount of wax so you don't have to worry about throwing tons of it away and being wasteful which is Anaya a plus. I would recommend this to anyone looking to get waxed and ready for summer!

#40yearsofsmooth #waxnaturally #hot #parissawax #cleanbeauty #smooth

Super easy

My first time ever with waxing. This machine is amazing. It's smaller yet easy to use and to do lean up and portable and works great!! #40yearsofsmooth, #waxnaturally #parissawax #cleanbeauty

Super cute and compact!

I received this product for free from Parissa in exchange for my honest review :). This little warmer is the cutest thing ever! I absolutely love how compact it is and that it comes with the silicone insert for ease of cleaning and safe warming. The dial is super simple and the heat readiness light is easy to understand. It also has a cap that fits over the silicone cup for quicker heating and the warmer itself does not get too hot on the outside so it stays easy to grasp/hold while picking up product. I truly loved it.

Perfect temperature

The Parissa Mini Pro Wax Warmer may be strong but it sure is powerful! The small compact design is great because it doesn’t take up much space and is portable! This heats up quickly, melting the wax pod completely in under 10 minutes. I found the temperature of the melted wax to be perfectly warm and was actually surprised that it wasn’t very hot at all. The lid to the warmer is a great feature to ensure faster, even melting and maintaining temperature. The silicon cup is a genius idea - it makes clean up so easy!! This is absolutely my favorite wax warmer I’ve ever used!

Great At Home Warmer

I received this a part of a Butterly campaign. I was contemplating buying a warmer because I was sick of the microwave and strip product I used previously. It is amazing. The Parissa Mini Pro Wax Warmer is perfect for small spaces. It has a silicone liner/pot for easy clean up. It is very user friendly, the instructions are clear and easy. It warms evenly and quickly. The dial allows you to adjust the temperature.

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