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Entrepreneur Spotlight: Our top 3 Canadian & Female-founded Success Stories

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Our top 3 Canadian & Female-founded Success Stories

Our 3 Favourite Women-Owned Success Stories

These three inspiring female entrepreneurs have overcome adversity in business and made a big success story out of them. We are inspired by their journeys, their dedication and want to share the success of these talented Canadian entrepreneurs.

How Susan Niczowski Created A Success Story From The Kitchen.

Susan Niczowski’s success story started in her kitchen in 1991. Niczowski studied culinary arts in college but did not have plans to enter the food industry. Her parents were the ones encouraging her to pursue her love for cooking by starting a business. Summer Fresh was born and its very first offices were in a corner of Susan’s basement.  

One of the first things she did was develop a recipe for a vegetable dish. Every recipe of Summer Fresh is made by using only the best ingredients and features only simple and few ingredients, just like you would use at home.

Niczowski’s vision has always been to give people quality food they can enjoy with their loved ones without having to spend hours in the kitchen. Summer Fresh is fulfilling that mission for 25 years now with quality products which can be found across Canada and the United States.

Source: Pinterest


Knixwear: From Body-Positive Mission To Canadian Retail Success

With a background in retail sales, Joanna Griffiths decided design was her passion and jumped into the challenge of growing her own product line.​​​​ …​and now she's taking on a multi-billion-dollar industry.

Apart from a product line that serves a need that was never met, Knixwear’s growth is driven by the social conversations that it encourages.Knixwear could build an online community. A safe space for women to share their insecurities, talk about fertility issues, motherhood, body image and more.

Her initial rejections by VC to raise funds for Knixwear didn’t discourage Joanne who made history in 2022 by closing a funding round of $ 40 million just three days before giving birth to twins. Joanna Griffiths achieved her goal of changing the way women feel about themselves. Going forward, the vision is to reinvent the $12 billion lingerie market and become a household name.

Source: Pinterest

Jenny Bird - The Visionary Jewelry Brand

Jenny Bird is one of the leading jewelry brands in the world, and has ranked among the tip 10 designers, and it is a Canadian pride, founded by Jenny Bird, who was born and brought up in Ontario and lives in Toronto with her two daughters and her husband.

The vision of Jenny was to make high-end, handmade, and unique jewelry designs affordable. Wanting to create something that reflected her personal philosophy, she founded her jewelry company in 2011. Today she has grown the company to become a worldwide brand.

They are selling in over 600 retailers internationally and have showrooms in cities around the world such as Toronto, New York, Paris, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Dallas just to name a few.

Source: Jenny Bird


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