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Would You Try Underarm Waxing?

Would You Try Underarm Waxing?

Want to say goodbye to underarm stubble? We’re going to teach you how to wax your underarms. It’s easy to see the benefits of underarm waxing; No more underarm prickle, daily shaving or razor cuts. Did we mention your underarms will be smooth for weeks longer than shaving?

The underarm area is prone to sweat, hard to reach and the skin is sensitive

We understand that underarm waxing is no easy feat. What makes underarm waxing more difficult than waxing your legs? First, your underarms are more prone to sweat. This makes it hard for wax to grab the hairs. Second, it’s a hard to reach area. You are most definitely going to need a mirror handy. Lastly, your underarms area is generally more sensitive. This means it’ll take a little bit of getting used it. 

Why do we advocate underarm waxing?

The benefits of being smooth for weeks outweigh the challenges. All you need is to learn a few techniques, have a little patience and you will be an expert underarm waxer in no time. After each time you wax it will get easier, faster and the hairs will grow back more slowly. Summer time with smooth underarms is bliss.

For underarm waxing, we only recommend Parissa Hot Wax

There are many reasons why Parissa Hot Wax is one of our favourite products. One of them is because of its effectiveness when it comes to waxing your underarms. It is great at removing short and coarse hairs. Why it works: Parissa Hot Wax contains beeswax. The beeswax shrink wraps around short coarse hair without sticking to the skin. This makes Parissa Hot Wax the easy choice for waxing sensitive areas with short coarse hair such as the underarms.

Parissa Hot Wax

Shop: Parissa Hot Wax

Real women share their experiences and techniques for underarm waxing

“The first time I waxed my underarms was not the easiest. I was still getting the hang of applying Parissa Hot Wax, standing in my bathroom in front of the mirror. I figured out to turn off the Wax Warmer periodically to maintain the right temperature, and then to wipe one side of the spatula on the pan rim to avoid wax drips. That helped me save time and avoid a big clean up afterwards. Now I can wax my underarms in 10 minutes tops!”  - Alexa

“For me, the biggest difficulty with waxing underarms is removing the hot wax strip. Then I figured out I could build up the thickness of the wax if I didn’t apply enough on the first go. And, how to overlap rounded edges of the wax to areas without hairs to make the edge lifting easier. From then on it was smooth sailing.”  - Rhea

“It’s not the easiest place [underarm] to start with Hot Wax, and I’d recommend practicing first by applying and removing it first on a more easily accessible area like your arm, even upper lip is much easier than under arms.”  - Eva

“I couldn’t believe how soft my underarms felt after waxing! So smooth, and they stayed that way for weeks. By the third time I waxed the hairs were so much finer and sparser. It also hurt much less than the first time. One tip is to apply baby powder before waxing if you’re a sweaty betty like me.”  - Nya

“The very first time I waxed (after shaving my underarms for nearly 20 years!) I had a few little pin drops of blood as some of the hairs were so thick and rooted. This didn’t happen the next times and I couldn’t believe after only one session how different the hairs were when they grew back. It’s safe to say I’m a convert to underarm waxing, and now the hairs grow back so fine that it’s not even an issue to wait the two weeks or so before waxing again from when the hairs grow back”.  - Jessica

Want to give underarm waxing a go?

Check out Parissa Hot Wax, our recommendation for waxing short coarse hairs in sensitive skin areas:

Parissa Brazilian Hot WaxParissa Face and Lip Hot Wax

Shop: Parissa Hot Wax

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