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Top 7 Waxing FAQs of 2021

Top 7 Waxing FAQs of 2021

Which type of wax is best for me?

While all Parissa waxes are 100% natural, cruelty-free (Leaping Bunny certified), contain zero chemicals, preservatives, fragrances, colours or parabens, every body is different, and the right wax for you will depend on your skin type, hair type, and the areas you want to remove hair from!

If your skin is on the sensitive side, we recommend Sugar Wax. Best suited for fine to medium hair and our most gentle formula, Sugar Wax contains only 3 ingredients - sugar, water and citric acid. A great option for first-time waxers or those just starting out on their at-home waxing journey, as our Sugar Wax is water-soluble and completely washable. You can remove Sugar Wax easily with water should you apply the wax incorrectly or accidentally make a mess!

Our Hot Wax is fantastic for removing coarse, stubborn or short hair, such as those found in the bikini and underarm. The hair in these areas tends to be thicker and more deeply rooted, but using Hot Wax will reduce the discomfort of hair removal in these sensitive zones by removing the hair swiftly from the root while adhering only to the hair and not the skin!

Great for Brazilian waxes, facial hair, and other delicate areas, however, we do not recommend first-time waxers or beginners attempt to Hot Wax these areas, as it requires some practice to tackle these with confidence.

For beginners, travelers, and touch-ups, Wax Strips are the best solution! They are easy, convenient and will remove your hair quickly with no mess and little to no perpetration. Simply warm the strips between the palms of your hands, press on and zip off! You can purchase Parissa Wax Strips in a wide array of sizes to suit all of your waxing needs.

Last, but certainly not least, our Warm Wax formula is a salon-quality wax that is best for all over body waxing. This “all-purpose” wax is great at tackling both coarse, stubborn hairs as well as your finer hairs. Vegan and fragrance-free, Warm Wax is available in a microwave-safe container that fits perfectly into our Mini Pro Wax Warmer or as a sleek and convenient Brow Waxing Pen!

How do I heat my wax?

Every wax comes with specific heating guidelines which should always be followed for safety and the best results. Some waxes are microwavable and some are intended for stove-top use - two methods which definitely should not be confused!  

Why not simplify things with the Mini Pro Wax Warmer? The perfect warming solution for all Parissa waxes, our warmer is also compatible with other brands of wax (as long as the container fits) and incredibly easy to clean. What’s not to love?

Parissa Warm Wax in Mini Pro Wax Warmer

How do I know when my wax is at the right temperature?

Your Parissa wax is ready to use when it reaches a smooth honey-like consistency. The amount of time it takes to reach this texture will depend on your heating method and the type of wax that you are working with. Always follow the heating guidelines included in every kit to make sure you get the best results!

How to apply my wax?

Warm Wax, Hard Wax, Sugar Wax and Wax Strips all require their own method for application, as every wax is a little different! Each wax kit comes with detailed instructions on how to prep your skin, apply your chosen wax correctly, and tips for the most effective removal.

We have videos and tips on our website as well, should you need a little extra help along the way!

Are Parissa waxes safe to use while pregnant/breastfeeding?

Yes! All Parissa waxes are safe to use while pregnant or breastfeeding. We recommend our Organic Sugar Wax as it is our most gentle formula. Read our GUIDE TO MATERNITY WAXING for more information!

Doesn’t waxing hurt?

We are not going to be one of those companies that lies to you and tells you that waxing with our products is painless. Let’s be real, you are removing your hair from the follicle, pulling it out directly from the root - there is going to be some discomfort! However, it’s nothing you can’t handle especially with our tips and tricks on how to reduce pain from waxing.


How can I reduce irritation after waxing?

Using the proper waxing technique and aftercare is critical to reducing irritation and discomfort after waxing. Make sure while waxing not to pull up and away from your skin as this will cause irritation, bruising and skin lifting. Keep your hands close to your body while waxing and pull along the skin for best results. Apply Parissa’s Ultra Soothe Oil to your skin after hair removal and remember to exfoliate and moisturize regularly!


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