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Redness and Bumps After Waxing?

  • 2 min read

Redness and Bumps After Waxing? - parissa.com

Irritation, redness and bumps are a fear everyone shares about hair removal. Whether shaving, waxing or using a chemical lotion some sensitivity to hair removal can be normal. With Waxing, it’s normal for the skin to turn a bit pink or even for some spots to appear. This happens with any type of hair removal where the hair is removed from the root. So the same can be true with epilators or even tweezing.  

The good news is that any redness or sensitivity should disappear within 30 minutes. There’s even more good news: the more you wax, the less sensitivity you will have to the process. The hair becomes less resistant to hair removal and the skin becomes less sensitive to the process.

There are also some things you can do to lessen the appearance of redness, bumps, and other irritations.

Make sure you're waxing correctly

Reading or reviewing the instructions is one of the easiest things to do for successful waxing.  Using the right technique can prevent irritation and considerably reduce redness and sensitivity. Not all waxes are created equal, so even if you've waxed at home before, definitely take the time to read the instructions.

Exfoliate and moisturize regularly

A regular skincare routine that includes exfoliation and moisturizing helps maintain healthy skin. But make sure you’re not doing this immediately before or after waxing. Cleansing and exfoliation can wash away the natural oils on your skin which provide an important barrier between the wax and the skin. These natural oils help prevent irritation, bumps, and redness sometimes associated with waxing. Save your regular cleansing, exfoliation, and moisturizing regiment for the day following waxing to maintain the benefits of waxing. 

Use Azulene Oil after waxing

Skincare oils are a great way to maintain the benefits of waxing and replenish the skin’s natural regeneration. We recommend using Parissa Azulene Oil after waxing and after your regular exfoliating regiment. Whether you prefer dry exfoliation before bathing, or wet exfoliation during bathing, both are an effective way to remove dead skin cells that block pores. Not only will this help maintain your skin’s smoothness, but it also helps prevent ingrown hair and the results of future waxing treatments.

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