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Is it safe to wax while pregnant? A guide to maternity waxing.

Is it safe to wax while pregnant? A guide to maternity waxing.

New mamas are definitely part of a special club. Shinier hair, fuller lips, and a visible radiance are all part of an incredible nine month journey. These pregnancy perks may go hand-in-hand with a few other surprises. The very same hormones that create a gorgeous mother-to-be glow can cause hair growth in unexpected places. From belly hair to peach fuzz, this extra hair might have you looking for safe and gentle ways to get back to your smooth-skinned self.

Consider this your guide to maternity waxing. Our expert tips will have you looking and feeling your best as you prepare for the big day ahead.

Top tips for waxing while pregnant

  • Do create a waxing schedule.
  • Do use a pregnancy-safe wax.
  • Do work with your bump.
  • Do ask a partner for help.
  • Don’t wax irritated skin.
  • Don’t exfoliate right before.
  • Don’t wait until the third trimester to try your first wax.

Is it safe to wax during pregnancy?

Yes, a mother-to-be may confidently wax up until her due date. Choosing when and how to wax is entirely up to her. Be mindful of a growing baby bump and the chance that skin may feel extra sensitive during this time, thanks to those helpful hormones. The goal of maternity waxing is to help women feel pampered and cared for.

Create a waxing schedule

As a new mother, you’ll most likely have everything organized for your baby’s arrival. It’s a fabulous idea to create a waxing schedule that fits your pregnancy timeline. Have a plan for how you want your bikini area to look, so you feel empowered and ready.

We don’t suggest waxing for the first time during your third trimester. Try waxing earlier on. You’ll be more comfortable with the process and get to enjoy smooth legs, bikini, and underarms for weeks without worrying about stubble.

Use pregnancy-safe products

It’s important for expectant mothers to use clean, pregnancy-safe products.

Since ingredients can be absorbed through the skin, choose a wax that is free of any harmful phthalates, parabens, or fragrances. Always carefully read product labels.

Parissa waxes are all suitable for pregnant women. Organic Sugar Wax, our gentlest wax, is a maternity waxing favorite. Fragrance-free, this USDA Certified Organic formula is infused with chamomile and easily washes away with water.

Be gentle to your skin

We already know the benefits of waxing include gentle exfoliation and skin that feels smooth and even for weeks at a time. Pregnant women and first-time mums may especially love these long-lasting, low maintenance results.

That said, do not wax fragile skin. A mama-to-be glow sometimes comes with new sensitivities. Entirely normal and common among pregnant women, melasma is a hormone-related condition that looks like patches of discoloration. It is best to avoid waxing irritated skin, including varicose veins brought on by temporary swelling.  Instead, take a moment to appreciate your strong and powerful pregnancy bod.

Work with your bump

An added baby bump means you might have to adapt your regular waxing routine. The goal is to make the process as easy as possible. Wax Strips are a great choice for quickly tidying up belly hair or your bikini line. For a barer look, settle in with our strip-free Brazilian & Underarm Hot Wax.

The number one rule is to find a comfortable position. If you find it difficult to bend down, simply sit down on a chair, sofa, or bed. Drape some towels to catch any runaway wax. Work in small sections. Support your back with pillows and make sure that you can reach exactly where you wish to wax.

Wax with a partner

Ask your mom, friend, or partner for waxing help if working around your bump is too difficult. This helper can be your second set of hands as you keep skin taut and zip off your strips. Guide them on where to apply wax and instruct them on how to gently yet quickly remove it.

Communication is key to waxing with a partner. Sharing this moment of the pregnancy journey may actually be a great bonding experience. A fabulous benefit of a waxing helper is the extra emotional support, which is always a wonderful thing. 

Have a DIY spa night

Create an inviting environment before you begin. Treat the moment like a relaxing at-home spa. Play relaxing music and burn a favorite candle. Wear a cozy robe and slippers. Hydrate with a delicious aftercare oil. You may even want to throw a girl’s night to sample different products.

For effortless at-home waxing, upgrade to the Parissa Mini Pro. A wax warmer will save you trips to the microwave, and you won’t second guess the perfect temperature. Gently exfoliate 48 hours before you wax. A relaxing bath will open up pores and reduce the chance of ingrown hair. To soften skin, try our Parissa Ultra Soothe Oil, a multitasking aftercare oil that prevents inflammation and improves elasticity.

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