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Summer's Over, But Your Waxing Routine Isn’t!

Summer's Over, But Your Waxing Routine Isn’t!

We’ve packed up our beach towels and bathing suits as summer has come to its end. With the weather getting cooler and our sleeves, skirts and pants getting longer, you may be thinking it’s time for your hair removal routine to go into hibernation until next year - you would be wrong! There are tons of benefits to keeping a consistent waxing regimen going throughout the year.

What is a waxing routine?

You’ve likely heard of a skincare routine or a haircare routine, well a waxing routine really isn’t much different. Simply put, a waxing routine is a consistent waxing schedule that you adhere to, to make sure that you are waxing regularly. Your routine should be customized to your hair type, speed of re-growth and the specific area of your body that you are waxing.

How often should you wax?

Everyone’s body (and hair) is different. Some people experience fast re-growth after waxing, for others, it may take a long time for their hair to return. For first-time waxers or those who haven’t waxed in a while, it could take around 3-4 weeks until you need to wax again. The more frequently you wax the longer it takes for your hair to grow back. Someone who adheres to a consistent waxing routine can go 4-6 weeks without needing to wax again! That said, different areas of the body will experience different speeds of regrowth, so here are some guidelines for how often you should wax specific regions:

Face: 2-3 weeks

Hair on your face, such as your upper lip, will grow back much faster than the hair on the rest of your body, and as the face is constantly on display, regrowth tends to be more visible.

Woman waxing upper lip with Parissa Hot Wax

Underarm: 2-3 weeks

It’s obvious when your hair begins to grow back in your underarm area, so it’s important to stick to a consistent waxing schedule.

Woman waxing her underarm with Parissa Wax Strips

Bikini / Brazilian / Manzilian: 3-4 weeks

Hair in this area is very coarse and takes a long time for follicles to reproduce. The more you wax down there the thinner and more sparse hair in the area will become. It’s important to have enough hair for the wax to adhere to, so waiting a bit longer before waxing to ensure that regrowth is sufficient, is important!

Woman waxing bikini line with Parissa Hot Wax

Legs and Arms: 3-6 weeks

While the hair on your arms is very thin, the hair on your legs are sparse and have differing growth cycles. Both of these areas will require a longer waiting time between waxing sessions to ensure that there’s enough regrowth to wax properly. Why you should get into a waxing routine: You may now be wondering “why do I need to wax regularly if nobody is going to see it?” and let’s get one thing straight - you shouldn’t wax for other people, you should wax because it makes you feel good! There are so many benefits to waxing that go beyond the simple act of removing body hair. Waxing exfoliates your skin resulting in fewer ingrown hairs than shaving and leaves you with smoother skin for longer. Speaking of shaving, there is no risk of cuts or razor burn when you wax, and your hair will grow back finer and slower the more often you do it!

woman waxing her leg with Parissa Sugar Wax Roll on

Consistently adhering to a waxing schedule will increase the benefits of waxing and leave you with the best results possible. Getting into a proper routine will allow your body to adjust and develop a consistent hair growth cycle. Taking long breaks between waxing (like the entirety of fall, winter, and spring) will keep your body from adjusting, robbing you of these benefits and causing unnecessary trouble for your skin and hair. Find the routine that is best for you and stick to it - you’ll thank us later!

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