Here at Parissa, we care about the environment and we care about you! It is important to us that we are not adding to the current plastic pollution crisis and that anyone who chooses to use our products will not be causing any harm to the world or their well-being in the short or the long term!

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Bring the sophistication of the salon into your home with an at-home wax warmer. With the Parissa Mini Pro Wax Warmer, you will be sure to reach the ideal temperature and maintain the perfect honey-like consistency throughout your waxing regimen.
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Waxing from home can be a daunting task for newbies, and mistakes will be made. However the benefits are huge: Savings on salon bills, blissful convenience, and having smooth skin at your command within minutes. With just a little bit of practice and technique, you will be an at-home waxing expert in no time. To help you on your way, here are some of the most common waxing mistakes (with their solutions!) that we see consistently.
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While a full-body wax usually refers to everything below the neck, some would include facial waxing in their definition. If you’re accustomed to removing your body hair, you probably have used many different techniques for various parts of your body.
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An easy-to-use option when travelling, on vacation, or in need of a quick touch-up. Wax strips are also a great option for first-time waxers just beginning their at-home wax journeys!
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There are many different methods of hair removal. Though most methods will result in eventual hair regrowth, some options will stay smoother for longer. It’s important to find the method that is best for you!

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How to get great brows at home. All you have to do to find your natural shape. It's already there, you just have to uncover it. Focus on what should be there, not what shouldn't. Parissa mini wax strips are designed for brow waxing.
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For those of you who have not tried at-home waxing with our Parissa products, we would like to introduce you to Amanda!
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Anyone who has ever dabbled in hair removal understands the frustration that is ingrown hairs! Despite our best efforts for smooth, clear skin none of us are immune to these itchy, uncomfortable, and sometimes painful red bumps. The good news is, we have the solution!

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