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Summer Events? Parissa Has Got You Covered!

Summer Events? Parissa Has Got You Covered!

It’s summer, one of the busiest times of the year for festivals, weddings, and other outdoor events. You don’t have time to waste on hair removal, so when you get ready, you want to stay that way! That’s why waxing is the best option for your summer hair removal regimen. Waxing removes hair and keeps it away for longer than other hair removal methods, leaving you with smooth skin all summer long!

How to get ready for a summer wedding

Preparing your skin for the big day is almost as important as planning what you’ll be wearing. Waxing, tanning, moisturizing, and exfoliating are all important steps for your pre-wedding skincare routine. So, whether you’re the one getting married, you’re in the wedding party, or you are a guest, set aside some time ahead of the upcoming nuptials for a little “me time” to take care of your skin and hair removal needs. Why not plan a spa day for you and the bridal party, or with other wedding guests? Check out our recent blog post Waxing With a Buddy for tips on hosting your own DIY spa day! We do however suggest the bride-to-be to wax 3-5 days before the wedding to allow for any lifting, redness or bruising to subside.

bridesmaids getting ready for the big wedding day

How to get ready for a festival

The festival season is upon us - don’t let a few stray hairs ruin your festival experience! Any seasoned festival-goer knows that the key to a good festival experience is the PLANNING! So, while you’re checking off the items on your packing list, don’t forget to add a little grooming time on there! Outdoor festivals (especially those that span many days) are not the right environment for maintaining any sort of a beauty routine, so It’s important to set aside some time, a day or two before you leave, to get your grooming needs out of the way. Wax in advance to have the carefree festival experience of your dreams!

Types of wax for legs:

Are you looking for smooth summer skin but you’re not sure which product is right for you? Don’t worry, we can help you with that!

Parissa Legs & Body Wax Strips are a great ready-to-use option for first-time waxers or people on the go! Not only are they effective, but they are super easy to use, too! Simply heat the gentle cream-based wax by rubbing the wax strips between the palms of your hands, pull the strip apart to create two usable wax strips, press on, and zip off! It’s really that simple. Throw a few in your bag for last-minute touch-ups, wherever you need them!

woman waxing leg using Parissa Leg Wax Strips
Parissa Legs and Body Wax Strips

Parissa Legs & Body Warm Wax is a salon-style wax that targets stubborn and coarse hair, by effectively lifting follicles from the root, leaving you with long-lasting smoothness for weeks! Our Warm Wax formula is 100% vegan, and as with all Parissa products, it is all-natural and ethically sourced! Simply warm your Parissa Legs & Body Warm Wax in the microwave, or with the Parissa Mini Pro Wax Warmer for an optimized waxing experience.

Our most gentle option for sensitive skin, Parissa Legs & Body Sugar Wax is safe, effective, hypoallergenic, and Certified USDA Organic. Infused with comforting chamomile to reduce irritation while waxing, this sugar-based wax is gentle on your skin and on the environment! Used with our reusable and biodegradable epilation strips, Parissa Sugar Wax washes off easily with water, making clean-up a breeze!

Woman waxing leg using Parissa Sugar Wax
Parissa Organic Sugar Wax

Type of wax for a Brazilian:

Parissa Brazilian Hot Wax is a professional-style wax perfect for waxing down there. Gentle and effective, our hot wax is formulated with beeswax to make it the ideal wax for your sensitive areas. As it warms, the hot wax transforms into a rich consistency that glides onto the skin easily, grabbing short and coarse hair. As the wax cools, it hardens to become the wax strip - no fabric strips needed!

Woman waxing bikini line using Parissa Brazilian Hot Wax
Parissa Brazilian Hot Wax

The same easy-to-use formula as all of our cream-based wax strips, Parissa Bikini and Underarm Wax Strips come in three different sizes in each package to fit all the contours of your body. Enjoy instant smoothness anywhere, anytime!

Woman waxing bikini line using Parissa Wax Strips
Parissa Bikini and Underarm Wax Strips

As suggested in the name, Parissa Legs & Body Sugar Wax is suitable for more than just legs. The same great, gentle formula mentioned above is a perfect choice for your at-home Brazilian or bikini wax, too!

Set aside a little time to get ready with Parissa's at-home waxing kits to ensure smooth hairless skin all summer! Waxing results last longer than other hair removal methods, so, whether you are on your way to a BBQ, beach day, wedding, or festival, you can be confident your skin will stay smooth all summer long!

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