Professional Azulene Oil 250 ml

Azulene Oil 250 ml / 9 fl oz. 

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Customer Reviews

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Carol Allen (Laguna Niguel, US)
Azulene Oil

Love this oil!! Had to buy a lot because you are discontinuing. I like your sustainability mindset, looking very forward to see what you replace it with.

Thank you Carol!
We're so glad you were able to stock up on a few bottles of the Azulene. We have moved to a new aftercare oil that is sustainably sourced and supports local suppliers.
You can check out the new Ultra Soothe Oil at the link below when you run out of the Azulene Oil!

Renee (Englewood, US)
Azulene Oil is PERFECT!

Thank you for providing such a High Quality product, as you do with your Azulene Oil. I appreciate your reasonable prices and the fast delivery! Best quality I have ever found!

Thank you so much Renee! We're so glad to hear you had a great experience on your first order from us!

Katy (Philadelphia, US)
Love this stuff

I’ve been relying on the azulene oil for years. So happy with the refill size.

Thank you! We're so glad you love it and found something that works for you!

Pamela Youell (Victoria, CA)
Great service

I was very pleased how quickly the product was delivered from the time I placed the order. I will definitely use this company again!

Thank you very much!

Alex Thiessen (Brandon, CA)
Amazing post wax/shave oil!

Parissa's azulene oil is terrific. I have been using it for years now and love how much it has decreased the number of red bumps and ingrown hairs I receive after shaving or waxing. It truly has made the process of hair removal much more pleasant.

Thank you Alex! We love to hear it has made your experience that much better!

Sheena Zain (Ottawa, CA)
No Better Way to Prevent Ingrown Hairs

I have very fine hair all over my body. Because the individual strands are so thing and soft, the hairs struggle to break back through the skin after shaving or waxing. Oftentimes the regrowth period for me has been a mess of scabs and bumps all over my legs of ingrown hairs and where I’ve scratched them till they broke open. Only Parissa Azulene Oil has provided me with a reliable solution to this problem. When I use it on my legs for the first several days after hair removal, the difference on my legs vs any other lotion, oil or treatment is dramatic. Parissa Azulene Oil allows my super fine hairs an environment to cleanly grow back and almost completely eliminates what would otherwise be hundreds of ingrown hairs. I would recommend it to anyone as a solution for ingrown hairs after hair removal.

Thank you Sheena! We are so happy to hear you have found a product that really makes a difference!