Parissa Ultimate Brazilian / Hot Waxing Super Pack

Parissa Ultimate Brazilian / Hot Waxing Super Pack

  • Where can I use this wax? Upper lip, Face, Brows, Underarms, and any other smaller areas, Feet, Toes, Nose, Ears etc.
  • But I need waxing advice? No worries, simply email  and a real waxing expert will email or call you back with waxing advice.
  • What else will I need? Nothing! This kit contains absolutely everything you need to get going with Hot Wax.
  • Bikini & Brazilian: Best know professional style wax for these areas, works on short coarse hair. Lifts all hairs in one go.
  • Amazing value: $85 USD worth of products for only $45 USD.
  • Strip Free: No fabric strips are needed. This wax firms as it cools and the wax becomes the strip.
  • Sensitive skin: Beeswax makes this wax ideal for sensitive skin areas, face and underarms.

This Super Pack contains everything you need for your before and after waxing process. The wax in this Super Pack is Parissa Hot Wax: strip-free, salon strength, hard wax. This is hair removal wax that’s perfect for gently lifting away short, coarse hair in sensitive skin areas. 



Super Pack Contents:

  • 215 g Hot Wax, (Strip-Free Hard Wax)
  • Parissa Wax Warmer. Electric Plug-in 
  • Azulene Spray Bottle 60 ml
  • Exfoliation Glove
  • Wooden Spatulas x 20
  • Stainless steel trimming Scissors 
  • Stainless steel Tweezers 
  • Photo Instructions for Hot Wax


Watch Underarm Wax Video:


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<< Free Download: Hot Wax Product Sheet >>

<<Free Download: Brazilian & Bikini Waxing 101>>


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