Parissa Precision Waxing Pen (Face & Brows)

Parissa Precision Waxing Pen (Face & Brows)

  • Precise Application: Pen tip is shaped to apply wax smoothly to the curve of brows and face.
  • Easy application: Mess free, simple and easy to wax the small brow area..
  • Salon style wax: Provides professional quality results on short and stubborn hair.

Kit contains: Waxing Pen filled with 4 ml salon wax, 20 x Mini fabric strips, 8 ml Azulene oil, Instructions.

A precision wax applicator pen filled with salon wax. Perfect for accurate placement of wax for expert brow shaping & facial hair removal. Mess free & Fragrance free. 

Gently warm the waxing pen, apply a paper thin layer of wax, zip away with a mini fabric strip. Parissa’s ingredients are safe, gentle and from natural, sustainable sources. We only use the good stuff. This product contains pine resin, a naturally sticky substance from pine trees.


See our guide to brow waxing: How to get the Perfect Brows



  • Good Ingredients
  • Waxing Instructions
Good Ingredients

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