Your Guide to the Parissa Precision Waxing Pen for Face & Brows

The Parissa Waxing Pen is an innovative applicator that makes at home, salon-style waxing a breeze. This easy to use tool is great to have on hand for quick brow fixes anytime or anywhere. Whether in the middle of your day or the middle of your holiday, the Precision Waxing Pen can take care of unwanted facial fuzz quickly and easily. Here’s your guide to using this handy tool for salon-style results!


Use for Your Brows, Upper lip (Mustache) and more

The Parissa Precision Waxing Pen’s angled applicator head is what allows for precise application making this product perfect for brow shaping, upper lip smoothing and waxing the smallest facial areas. The tiny nozzle deposits only a minimal amount of wax allowing for perfect application and more comfort for waxing small and delicate areas. Preventing over application not only makes waxing less messy, but it also gives better results making at-home facial hair removal a breeze.

The Parissa Waxing Pen is also ideal for “on the spot” hair removal of small patches on the chin or neck (yes, this is a thing!), even fingers and toes! Put this tool to work for any hard to reach area you can think of – the possibilities are endless!


Warming the Wax to the Right Consistency is Key

A thin application of the wax guarantees the best results, it also helps with precision. So make sure the wax in your Precision Waxing Pen is warm and fluid. The best method to warm the pen is to use a “bain-marie” or warm water bath: place the pen upright in a hot cup of water for about 1 minute. Another option is to use a blow dryer to warm the pen for one to two minutes.

Once warm, the wax should easily flow out of the pen when twisting the bottom of the applicator. Remember, you only need a drop of wax for precision waxing. Test the wax on your hand for temperature and consistency before applying directly to the area you want to treat. If you find the wax doesn’t apply easily or is spreading on thick, you may need to warm the pen for a little longer. The thinner the wax is spread, the better the results. Thick or over-application will not remove the hair and could cause irritation.


Don’t Try To Do Too Much At Once

Working in small sections allows for better precision and can reduce irritation.  Using the pen, apply a thin layer of wax in the direction of hair growth.


Hold Your Skin Taut

Keeping the skin stretched and taut during wax application and strip removal reduces discomfort and improves results. Try using two hands at all times – one for holding the skin, the other for wax application or strip removal.  

While holding your skin tight, ensure you always apply the wax in the direction of hair growth. Press on the epilation strip in the same direction and rub to make sure it adheres to the wax. The strip won’t adhere if there’s too much or too little wax. Now that the strip is on, you’re ready for the removal process. Again, use two hands: one hand to hold your skin taut and your other for the strip removal. Be confident when removing the strip and remember these 3 important points:

  • Remove Strip Quickly, In One Motion.
  • Remove Strip Along (Parallel) To Your Skin. Do Not Pull Strip Away from Skin.
  • Keep Skin Tight Throughout Removal Process.

When waxing brows, the strip removal process should have your hand moving along your brow from the outside of the face towards the middle. For facial waxing, the strip removal process should have your hand move from the outside of your lip to the tip of your nose. Never pull the strip away from your face as this will cause irritation.  Always zip off the strip in one fast motion – never peel or pull slowly.

Don’t worry about the odd stray hairs and don’t wax over the same area more than once. Similar to shaving, reapplication over the same area will cause redness and irritation. Once you’re finished, check the results and only then, remove any stray or remaining hairs with a tweezer.


How to Use the Parissa Waxing Pen:

Before Waxing:

  • Always do a patch test.
  • Do not bathe, wash or clean skin before waxing.


1. Gently warm the waxing pen in a cup of warm water or with your blow dryer for 1 minute. Do not microwave.
2. Remove cap & slowly twist the wax pen. Twenty (20) ‘clicks’ or turns should get the wax moving. Watch for the wax approaching the applicator and stop turning the handle BEFORE the wax reaches the tip. Only a tiny drop of wax is needed. 
3. Apply wax in a thin layer in the direction of hair growth.
4. Firmly press on the mini fabric epilation strips, also in the direction of hair growth. Hold the skin taught and zip off in the opposite direction of hair growth. Remove the strip fast, and in one motion. 

After Waxing:

  • Clean any excess wax remaining on the skin with Azulene Oil. Some redness after waxing is normal. 


Smooth Skin that Lasts

So your brows look great and your lip is now fuzz-free, but you aren’t done just yet! That little bottle of aftercare oil in your waxing kit is your new best friend! Use a couple drops of the oil to clean off any excess wax and stickiness from your skin. The aftercare oil will also soothe and moisturize your skin. This skin-smoothing oil can be used daily to nourish your skin and keep you smooth – all over your body.


Have more questions about using the Parissa Waxing Pen? Email our waxing experts at – we would love to help!