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For Beginners

Brow Wax Strips

Our brow wax strips are a quick and easy way to get perfect brows. The strips are biodegradable, and our wax formula is non-toxic, cruelty and fragrance-free. Once separated, each strip has cream wax on both ends, allowing one strip to become two. 

  • Ready-to-use strips for brows.
  • Gentle cream-based wax.
  • Perfect for quick touch-ups.
  • Non-toxic & biodegradable.
  • Fragrance-free.
  • Certified cruelty-free.
Ideal for:
Upper Lip
What's included
  • 32 mini wax strips
  • 5ml Ultra Soothe Oil
  • Bamboo Brow Spoolie
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  1. Brush your brow upward and out using included brush. Trim any long or unruly hairs using brow scissors. Determine the shape by finding the natural a) start b) arch and c) end of brows.
  2. Cut the strip into 4 mini double-sided wax strips.
  3. Rub one strip in between your fingers to soften the wax. Slowly separate the strip into two mini wax strips. Use one strip at a time.

Press On

  1. Apply the wax strip in the direction of hair growth. On your brow, this will be away from your nose.
  2. Smooth down the strip with your hand.

Zip Off

  1. Grab the end of the strip away from your nose.
  2. Holding the skin taut, zip off the wax strip as quickly as possible in the opposite direction of hair growth.
  3. Always keep your hand close to skin and always pull along the skin. Never pull and away from skin as this will irritate, bruise or lift the skin.

Clean Up & Aftercare

  1. After you're finished waxing, apply Parissa ultra Soothe oil to soothe skin and prevent ingrown hair.

Caution! Read First

  • DO NOT WASH SKIN or bathe before use.
  • HAIR MUST be at least 2mm for best results.
  • ALWAYS do a patch test. Wait 24hr and if no irritation occurs, continue.
  • DO NOT WAX if using Retinol, Accutane, Glycolic or Alpha Hydroxy Acids.
  • DO NOT WAX sensitive, sunburned, irritated or injured skin.
  • AVOID varicose veins, moles & warts.
  • DO NOT sunbathe before or after waxing.
  • DO NOT use deodorants, antiperspirants, alcohols, astringents or any beauty products for 24hr on waxed areas.
  • KEEP OUT OF REACH of children & pets.
  • IMPROPER USE like washing or bathing skin before use, pulling wax up or away from skin & waxing same area more than once in 24hr will cause irritation, bruising or skin lifting.


Do I have to warm the strips?
To warm the Wax Strips, simply rub the strip in between your hands.
What are the wax strips made of?
Our clear wax strips are 100% biodegradable as they are made from cellulose, which is naturally derived from renewable sources such as wood, cotton, and hemp.

Customer Reviews

Based on 368 reviews

Great product but even better now with adhesion.

Viloka Luna (North Vancouver, CA)
Game Changer!

These strips are absolutely amazing! Quick, easy, mess-free, at-home solution for eyebrow shaping. They're extremely convenient and high-quality. Love these!

T.L. (Brampton, CA)
Great for brows, no irritation!

This was my first time using these brow strips and it was an easy process, it got rid of the hairs and I was able to cut them up for preciseness. Would recommend!

Thank you, we're so happy to hear you had a good experience trying out our Brow Wax Strips!


Great Great Love them so easy to use and works well 🙏

Renee Bush (Columbus, US)

I have razing my eye brows forever, and searching for a better more effective way to get that perfect arch in my brows that say perfectly seductive. Parissa to the rescue, they came out perfect! You know you’ve done it right when you have the ideal look

Thank you Renee, we're so happy to hear that you found a brow product you love!

Victoria Weber (Toronto, CA)
Quick & Easy Brow Wax Strips

I love using the quick & easy brow wax strips!

They are perfect especially for when I’m on the go or in a rush and need to touch up my brows.

Thank you Victoria!

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