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Why You Need Parissa Ultra Soothe Oil in Your Purse

Why You Need Parissa Ultra Soothe Oil in Your Purse

Have you tried the new Parissa’s Ultra Soothe Oil yet? All Parissa Wax Kits (except for the Parissa Sugar Waxes) include a small vial of this powerful, hydrating oil, but it has become so popular that we now sell it in a larger size as well!

So, what makes the Ultra Soothe Oil so special? Not only is this multitasking skincare oil paramount in the treatment of ingrown hairs, but it is gentle enough to act as an everyday body oil for all of your moisturizing needs.

Comprised of a powerful blend of essential oils, Parissa Ultra Soothe Oil hydrates deeply while cleansing your pores of debris and bacteria. Whether you need a boost of moisture while you’re out on the town, you’ve just stepped out of the bath or shower, or you need to soothe inflamed skin or remove excess wax directly after hair removal, this is the oil for you!

Made with Essential Oils

A refreshing blend of essential oils and natural botanicals makes this formula powerful enough to target your deepest hydration needs while keeping it light enough for everyday use.

Calming chamomile helps to reduce redness and irritation, penetrating deep under the surface of the skin for continued healing long after application. Cooling peppermint relieves swelling and redness quickly with its cooling, natural antihistamine properties. Restorative seaberry treats and prevents scarring, redness, dryness and signs of aging in your skin. Then, to top it all off, cleansing eucalyptus boosts blood circulation while decreasing pigmentation  and dullness for naturally glowing skin while simultaneously improving the appearance of your skin by clearing your pores of impurities and preventing acne breakouts.

All ingredients used in the Parissa Ultra Soothe Oil are all-natural and ethically sourced from leading suppliers across North America and Europe, ensuring that you are getting the best possible product, while being mindful of the impact that we are having on our world!

Not Just for Waxing

While Parissa Ultra Soothe oil was created originally to be used after waxing, as a way of calming red sensitive skin, preventing ingrown hairs and helping to remove excess wax, this oil is capable of so much more than that! This finely crafted blend of essential oils and natural botanicals will work wonders on your skin leaving you with naturally hydrated and glowing skin while working behind the scenes to help reduce hyperpigmentation, dark spots, scarring and signs of aging such as wrinkles, discolouration and dryness! Whether you choose to use it after waxing, as an aftershave oil, or as an all-over moisturizing oil, your skin will be happy that you did!

Not Blue Anymore

You may be familiar with the blue Azulene Oil that Parissa used to provide in our waxing kits, but when the production of Azulene Oil was no longer available to Parissa locally or ethically, we decided to make an upgrade to our formula to stay true to our values! The new Parissa Ultra Soothe Oil is gold in color and made with ethically sourced materials that are 100% vegan and, like all other Parissa products, it is Leaping Bunny Certified!

If you want to be sure that your skin is getting everything it needs to stay smooth, healthy, hydrated and younger for longer, keep a bottle of Parissa Ultra Soothe Oil on hand. While you’re at it, why not throw a bottle in your purse for later, just in case? You never know when you’ll need a few refreshing drops!

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