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Why is after-care so important with waxing?

Why is after-care so important with waxing?


While waxing is the main step in getting the silky-smooth skin during the holidays, it's not the only step! After-care is a huge part of any hair-removal regimen, and the only way to ensure your skin stays happy, healthy, and smoother for longer! So, what is waxing after-care, why should you do it and what does the cold season have to do with your skin?

Achieving smooth skin

Waxing is not a set-it-and-forget-it method of hair removal, and neither is shaving. There is a certain level of after-care that is required for the best possible results. Cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing are three essential elements in any hair-removal after-care routine, especially during the cold, winter season.


The first step toward smooth skin is to thoroughly wash your skin with a quality cleanser and warm water. Warm water on your face and body will open your pores and allow your skin cells to absorb any sort of exfoliation.


Exfoliation is the next phase. Exfoliating is the process of removing the top layer of dead skin cells.  This is an important step since dead skin cells inhibit your skin from producing new layers of fresh skin cells.


Moisturize as the final step to achieving your smooth skin goals. Applying a little layer of moisturiser to newly exfoliated skin will keep it smooth and hydrated.

Don't skip the after-care routine this holiday season if you want your skin to stay smooth, silky, and hydrated, as well as avoid unpleasant, unsightly ingrown hairs!

Pre-wax tips

Preparing and caring for your skin before waxing is equally as important as taking care of your skin after waxing!

Caffeine and alcohol

In order to reduce bruising, skin lifting and bleeding, be sure to avoid drinking caffeine or alcohol 12 hours prior to waxing. Though a pre-wax glass of wine may sound like a good option to calm your nerves, alcohol can cause bleeding from the points of hair extraction to be more prominent.

Acne Medications

Waxing while using acne medications like Accutane or retinol products can result in skin lifting. Be sure to avoid retinol and acne medications for 2 - 4 weeks prior to waxing - when in doubt, consult your doctor!


Keep in mind that your skin might get drier during the winter seasons, so it is a recommended to enhance your exfoliation routine to remove all the dead skin cells - especially before applying wax to your skin. Exfoliating your skin 1-2 days before your waxing session is ideal!

Menstrual cycles

For those who menstruate, skin sensitivity can be heightened during your time of the month. To prevent any unnecessary discomfort, it’s best to wait until you’re not on your period to wax!

Post-wax tips

Parissa Ingrown Rescue Kit has all the essentials you need for the perfect post-wax after-care routine! Lather, exfoliate and moisturize, a proven 3-step process to effectively treat and prevent ingrown hair and dry skin.

Ingrown Rescue Soap

Parissa Tea Tree Soap

Our Ingrown Rescue Soap uses the antibacterial properties of Tea Tree to clean and soften skin while keeping pores open and helping to reduce the risk of infection.

Konjac Sponge

Parissa Konjac Walnut Sponge

Finely ground walnut in our Konjac Sponge actively exfoliates as it gently buffs away dead skin, keeping hair follicles open to allow for new hair regrowth.

Ultra Soothe Oil

Parissa Ultra Soothe Oil

Daily use of our Ultra Soothe Oil cools, calms and soothes to help reduce redness, inflammation and discomfort while hydrating, repairing, and encouraging new skin cell generation for healthier, rejuvenated skin. It is not recommended to bathe or shower directly after waxing, so please wait 24 - 48 hours after waxing to exfoliate!

Cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize with the Parissa Ingrown Rescue Kit to soothe inflamed skin caused by waxing and shaving, while effectively treating and preventing ingrown hair at the root! The Ingrown Rescue Kit is also an excellent kit to have around throughout the holidays to keep your skin silky smooth for all of the gatherings, parties, and dinners! It also makes a fantastic holiday present!

While it may seem easier to go on with your life and forget about the after-care steps, you will regret it in the long run! Adhering to a proper after-care routine will leave you with softer smoother skin for longer and will make your next waxing session easier! Don’t forget, good results come from good after-care!

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