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Why do I choose to wax over shaving?

Why do I choose to wax over shaving?

Waxing vs shaving is a question for the ages. In the end, it all comes down to your personal preference - it’s important to find what makes you feel the best and most empowered in your skin. As a Realtor and fitness enthusiast, I don’t have a lot of excess time to manage my hair removal regimen, but I do prefer my skin to be hairless and smooth - the easier that is to get, and the longer that feeling lasts, the better!

My shaving experience:

Like many, I started shaving in my early teen years. Initially, shaving seemed cool, fun, and incredibly grown-up. I went for years without questioning the method - shaving was easy, fast, and affordable (although, don’t get me started on the price of some of those brand name blades, and using cheap disposable razors every few days felt excessively wasteful, even back then)! Eventually, however, I started to get tired of the nicks and cuts, and the dark, prickly, and uncomfortable regrowth that would start to appear after only a few days - not to mention the rashes, razor bumps and ingrown hairs. I started to question what other hair removal methods existed out there to break the never-ending (and rather tedious) cycle of shaving.

Why I choose to wax:

The first time I went to get waxed, I jumped into the deep end. If I’m going to start waxing, it might as well be with a bang - Brazilian wax, here I come. I prepared myself for the worse (we’ve all heard the waxing horror stories) but as I laid back in the salon and let the professional get to work, to my complete shock and surprise, waxing was NOT that bad! Don’t get me wrong, It wasn’t exactly comfortable but it was entirely manageable! And the results - well that made it well worth a little temporary discomfort. Not only did I feel smoother and more confident than ever, but the results also LASTED. I couldn’t believe how long I was bare down there!

Waxing became my go-to hair removal from that day forward. No more awkward positions in the shower trying to shave around my ankles without slicing my foot off. Goodbye old razor, I found a new love!

The benefits of waxing:

Let me count the ways. Not only can waxing be faster than shaving (especially for smaller areas) but the results from waxing are also longer-lasting with little-to-no irritation, there’s no way to get razor burn when you ditch the razor and you’re less likely to develop ingrown hairs when you wax! There is no need for shaving creams or gels, you only need your wax - which, simultaneously acts as an exfoliant as it removes your hair. If all of that is not enough, imagine, to my absolute delight, when I realized that waxing regularly actually decreases the amount of hair that grows back. You read that right. The more I waxed, the less I had to!

However, getting myself to the salon for regular appointments, or for quick last-minute touch-ups started to become a problem in my already very busy schedule.

In walks Parissa - a complete at-home waxing kit! Salon-quality results at a fraction of the cost. It’s hard to fully express how convenient it is to be able to wax in the comfort of my own home, whenever I have a free moment, rather than trying to find time to get my hairy legs across town before an important showing! A complete kit made with natural, chemical-free and cruelty-free ingredients designed for a luxurious at-home waxing experience. There are waxes available for every skin, from warm and hot waxes to sugar waxes and wax strips. The instructions are so simple to follow, you can wax comfortably and confidently anywhere, anytime!

If you are interested in learning more about why to choose waxing over shaving, check out our blog WHY IS WAXING BETTER THAN OTHER METHODS? 

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