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What Is a Full Body Wax?

What Is a Full Body Wax and How Does It Work?


The quick answer is yes, but perhaps that’s not enough information. So, what is a full-body wax, and how do you decide if you would benefit from it? We can help you with that!

While a full-body wax usually refers to everything below the neck, some would include facial waxing in their definition. If you’re accustomed to removing your body hair, you probably have used many different techniques for various parts of your body. So, why not reap the benefits (not to mention the convenience) of using one method to meet all your hair removal needs?

At-home waxing is a quick, affordable and safe way to remove hair from your body, no matter your gender! While shaving only removes the hair from above the surface of your skin (leaving your skin feeling rugged and irritated) waxing eradicates hair directly from the follicle, leaving your skin hair-free and soft to the touch. The results of waxing will last longer than shaving and unlike shaving, there’s no risk of unsightly and painful nicks or cuts.


Waxing at a salon can be expensive, but with Parissa’s at-home wax products, you can get the same great results at a fraction of the cost!

Not only are salons more expensive than at-home waxing, but there’s also the undue stress of navigating appointments, opening hours, salons being closed and the inconvenience of travelling across town for a professional wax. Why not stay in the comfort of your own home and do it yourself?

While the price of a full-body wax will cost you well over $100 in a salon setting, you can purchase Parissa’s at-home waxes such as Legs & Body Warm Wax or Legs & Body Wax Strips for as low as $14.99!


At-home waxing doesn’t literally have to be “at home” - you can wax anywhere! No more rushing to the salon for last-minute wax appointments or hastily shaving with that dull razor you’ve been meaning to buy new blades for. Give yourself peace of mind on long vacations, important trips, or even work events knowing that we’ve got your back (legs, underarm, bikini - or wherever you need us) with Parissa’s at-home waxes!

With the right tools, a full body wax at home is very easy and cost-effective, leaving you with smooth soft skin for weeks to follow. The more you practice the more experienced you’ll become and the better your end results will be. Over time, your hair will even start to grow back thinner and finer, so you’ll have to wax less often! As with any beauty routine, you will need to find what works best for you.

We recommend trying some accessories to make your at-home body waxing sessions more enjoyable - such as the Mini Pro Wax Warmer, extra Epilation Strips and Waxing Spatulas as well as the Ingrown Rescue Kit to exfoliate the day prior to waxing, and to help prevent ingrown hairs after!


Different areas of your body may have different hair types and textures, so knowing what type of wax is best for you is important! With so many different waxes on the market, it can be confusing to know which products to choose. While all waxes will work for any area, some waxes are better suited for certain areas and hair types. Choosing the right wax will also help reduce any discomfort and result in a smoother experience overall!

For help finding the right wax for you, check out our “How Do I Pick The Right Wax?” page or contact us and we’ll be happy to help you out!

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