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The Ultimate Guide to At-Home Hair Removal

The Ultimate Guide to At-Home Hair Removal

If you’re confused about the myriad of ways to get rid of unwanted hair, fret no more. We're here to demystify things and help you find the right product.

Razors and Shaving Cream:

PROS: There’s nothing really complicated about the razors and shaving cream, they're trusty, reliable, and pretty easy to use. Other than the odd nick or cut, there's usually no pain involved and bar any razor rash, your skin feels pretty smooth afterwards.

CONS: We're guessing you've heard of 'five o'clock shadow'? Yep, hair grows back pretty quickly after shaving.  Since you’re only cutting the hair at the surface of the skin the regrowth is pretty quick and since the hair is at its thickest point the stubble can look thicker than before.

Shaving is simple and easy, but the stubble’s back before you know it. And of course, there’s always the razor burn!


PROS: We're big fans of waxing (obviously!) and there’s good reason for it. Waxing not only removes unwanted hair but also exfoliates dead skin cells, leaving you silky, healthy and smooth. Unlike shaving, there’s no stubble the day after and the results can last up to 8 weeks. There certainly is a benefit to forgoing the drudgery of the daily shave! Though waxing can be intimidating at first, there are easier ways to get introduced to the wonderful world of waxing. Wax Strips are pre-waxed, ready to use and pretty much goof-proof. Once you’re familiar with Wax Strips, it’s easy to move to the more professional products like Hot or Warm Waxes which are the choice of seasoned pros. There’s also Sugar Waxes for those who are concerned about skin sensitivity.

CONS: We’re not going to lie: waxing can hurt, especially in your bikini zone and the upper lip. As with epilating or tweezing, waxing pulls the hair out of the follicle, and no matter how you do it, there’s some discomfort involved. Your first time will probably be the worst time, but the more you wax the easier it’ll be and the more comfortable you’ll feel. Waxing may have some downsides but the results are definitely worth it.

Waxing is a great option if you’re looking for silky smooth results that last.


At-Home Laser:

PROS: Laser can sometimes provide a longer-term solution for your hair removal needs. Like Waxing, Laser hair removal targets hairs down at the follicle. The laser damages the part of the follicle that produces hair so regrowth takes a very long time. If you’re lucky to catch the hair in the right stage of growth, this can even sometimes stops hair growth altogether.

CONS: While laser might seem like the perfect solution for long-lasting smooth skin, there are definitely some drawbacks. Laser hair removal works best if you have to have the right hair type and complexion. Laser is also most effective with frequent and multiple sessions so you will likely still need another form of hair removal in the meantime. Most aren’t aware of the pain involved during laser hair removal either, in particular when used in the bikini areas. Most at-home devices are now coming down in price so it may be worth investing in a unit if you’re dedicated to committing to the time required to get good results. Of course, you home use lasers are only recommended for the body, so you shouldn’t use them for the face or brows.

If you have the right type of hair and complexion and are willing to invest the time and money to go hair-free, this could be a great option.


PROS: Epilators are electronic tools that pull out your hair mechanically. Like waxing, epilators remove hair from the follicle. Like other methods of epilation, the results are longer-term than shaving.

CONS: Epilators are like tweezers on steroids: they tweeze lots of hairs at the same time and with speed. So if you find tweezing or waxing uncomfortable, this likely isn’t your best option. Epilators aren’t usually the best option for the face either given the discomfort and the results aren’t always as smooth as waxing since there’s no exfoliation during the treatment.

If you can handle the pain, epilators work well for removing some body hair.

Hair Removal Creams:

PROS: There are few options that take less effort than hair removal creams. Simply apply the cream to unwanted hair, wait, and let the chemicals dissolve your unwanted hair.  

CONS: The simplicity is pretty much the only win for hair removal creams. Since they’re made with strong chemicals they’ll not only stink up your bathroom but can also cause minor skin irritation or a chemical burn that could last for months. Given that the results don’t last much longer than shaving and the chance for irritation is high, you may want to avoid using hair removal creams on any sensitive areas.

While the ease of creams can be tempting, the harsh chemicals and possible burns are a good reason to avoid them.

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