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The Perfect Gift Box for any Occasion

The Perfect Gift Box for any Occasion

Making a gift box is a fun and personal way to show someone that you care about them. Perfect for the holidays, a birthday present, or a random act of kindness – gift boxes are a versatile gift-giving option. A great idea is to customize each giftbox with things you know and love! We are huge fans of personalized kits here at Parissa – consider this your ultimate selfcare gift guide!

Customized Gift Box

A customized gift box is put together specifically for the one receiving it. They are thoughtful and intentional. You can include their favourite items – things that they have been talking about – or products you just think your loved one would like. Of course, make it even more special by choosing a card and a nice basket to go along with this present!

Gift Box Ideas:

We absolutely love a selfcare gift box. These can be curated with fun and health boosting products for a soothing spa experience from home.

Bath Essentials:

  • Bath bomb

Relieve stress with a detoxifying splash. Once they fizz up, bath bomb benefits include skin boosting ingredients, aromatherapy, and soothing sore muscles or body aches.

  • Bath pillow

Unwind with a soft bath pillow. This comfy cushion ensures that neck, shoulders, and spin have extra support – meaning you can enjoy your soak for even longer.

  • Bath caddy table

Store and display your selfcare favorites with a waterproof bath caddy. Keeping everything within reach and safe from your bubble bath, it’s the perfect add-on.

Beauty & Self Care items

  • Face and body mask

Prep your skin for an amazing night in or out by including a face and body mask. For a selfcare night in, throw in a silk eye mask for some extra TLC!

  • Waxing kit

Obsessed with smooth skin? Parissa at-home waxing kits are a must: gently remove unwanted hair with washable Sugar Wax or beginner friendly Wax Strips.

  • Gua sha/Ice roller

These two facial tools will elevate your selfcare gift box and take it to next level skincare. Lucky recipients can roll and ice away inflammation or puffiness. 


  • Favourite candy

Tailor your gift box with some thoughtful candies. A decorative jar filled with yummy bonbons is a creative way to share some sugary snacks.  

  • Favourite chocolate

Sweeten any selfcare box with chocolate. From classic milk dairy to exotic flavours and rich dark chocolate, gift your favorite treats.

  • Favourite chips/salty snacks

Sweet & salty is a heavenly flavour combination. Delight tastebuds and add some magic to your gift box by adding savoury chips, crisps, or pretzels.  


  • Blanket

Cotton, wool, or chunk knits – a throw blanket looks gorgeous in a gift basket and your recipient will love having something warm to wrap up in. 

  • Fuzzy socks

Wear after a warm shower or bath, fuzzy socks will lock in moisturize and keep skin feeling hydrated. Perfect for a cozy night with a book or movie.

  • Oodie

Always cold? Recipients will love keeping toasty warm in this trending gift. The Oodie is an oversized blanket hoodie made for comfort.   

Gift Cards

  • Sephora Gift Card

Curated your favorite products but looking for something a little extra? Include a gift card to ensure your recipient can pick up anything you missed.

  • Yoga/Pilates Gift Card

Taking time to relax and stretch away tension is an essential part of any selfcare routine. Gift classes or trial membership to a yoga or Pilates session.

  • Parissa Gift Card

Great for beginners or smooth skin gurus. Upgrade your selfcare gift box with at-home waxing kit from Parissa. Recipients can enjoy smooth legs, arms, bikini or perfect brows! 

Say it with Parissa! There’s a perfect wax for everyone.

Build your own at-home wax kit or choose a bundled set of favorites. Add in a Parissa gift card for even more smooth skin benefits. 


A giftbox is a wonderful holiday gift! Tailor it to the person receiving it and include their favourite snacks and selfcare products for a beautiful and personalized gifting moment. Gift cards add an extra special touch if you do not know the recipient well – or if you are last-minute gift purchaser. Parissa gift cards are an excellent way to present the gift of waxing!

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