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Secrets To Saving Money With Waxing

Secrets To Saving Money With Waxing

Since starting university last year, I have been trying to find ways to cut costs at every turn. Waxing seemed like a luxury I would not be able to afford any time soon, but then I figured out some great tricks to make Parissa's at-home waxing kits stretch that extra mile, and save myself some extra money, too. Let me share my secrets with you, in case you’re trying to be a bit more cost-effective or eco-friendly!

Cutting strips to size

Using one giant wax strip for a tiny section of hair felt so wasteful to me! Not only did it feel like I was throwing my money down the drain but doing a little touch-up here and there, using a wax strip that was far too large for the space I needed to wax, felt like a giant slap in the face to mother earth. Well, not only are Parissa’s wax strips biodegradable, YOU CAN CUT THEM DOWN TO ANY SIZE YOU WANT! I know. I’m excited too. So whether you are using the preloaded wax strips or the cloth epilation strips, just trim them down to the exact shape and size you need. One strip suddenly becomes many and you have exactly what you need no matter where you’re wanting to wax. No extra money spent! The Parissa Legs and Body Wax Strips can be cut down into multiple brow or lip-sized wax strips! Have a box of Brow Wax Strips that are a little bit too long or not the right shape to fit the contours of your brows? Cut  them into the perfect curve to match your brow. Just make sure that you’re cutting the strips before you peel them apart and you’re good to go! Trust me, it’s a game-changer.

Re-using the same strip

Okay so maybe this sounds weird, but hear me out. Just because you used that wax strip once, does not mean it's done! You can (and should, in my opinion) keep on using that wax strip until it doesn’t do the job anymore. As long as it’s still sticky and removing hair there’s no need to reach for a new one. You paid for it, get your money’s worth! And this isn’t just true for the wax strips! An epilation strip with Warm Wax on it, like the Legs & Body Warm Wax, can be
used multiple times to remove hair, even if there is already hair on it! Get the most out of what you’ve got! Careful though, do not wax over the same areas repeatedly, because that will cause redness and irritation. Same strips, new spots. Got it?

Washing/Drying Epilation Strips

Okay so now you’re done waxing - all of the epilation strips need to go in the garbage, right? Wrong! Parissa Epilation strips are 100% washable and re-usable! So, as long as you are using a washable wax, like Parissa’s Sugar Wax, just soak them in warm water, then lay them flat to dry. When they are dry, stick them back in the box with your wax, and they are ready to go for the next time you’re going to wax. No need to buy new ones. That’s a win for your wallet and
the environment!

Parissa uses only natural ingredients

All right, this isn’t exactly saving you money, but it’s super cool to know and definitely a big reason why I will always pick Parissa Wax. Parissa only uses natural ingredients. 100% all natural, meaning their products are as good for you as they are at removing your hair. No weird reactions or chemical burns to worry about! Oh, and all Parissa Wax products can be used interchangeably on the face and the body. There’s no need to buy new products for every area you want to wax. Look at that, I guess it does save you some money, after all!

Different hair and skin types require different types of wax. If you’re not sure which type of wax to buy, Parissa has tons of great tutorials and videos to help you figure out what type of wax is right for you, and how to wax correctly no matter where you choose to remove your hair!

Don’t let a price tag scare you away from soft, smooth skin. Parissa is incredibly affordable and you can get more out of one kit than you ever imagined with these simple tricks!

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