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Most Versatile Wax Warmer for Wax Beads, Sugar Wax & Hard Wax

Most Versatile Wax Warmer for Wax Beads, Sugar Wax & Hard Wax


Why play the guessing game when it comes to heating your at-home waxes? Bring the sophistication of the salon into your home with an at-home wax warmer. With the Parissa Mini Pro Wax Warmer, you will be sure to reach the ideal temperature and maintain the perfect honey-like consistency throughout your waxing regimen. This professional-style electric wax warmer will melt your wax quickly in a safe, mess-free and easy way, ensuring a smooth application every time!


Just as there are many different options for at-home wax products, there are many different ways to heat your waxes as well - some better than others for specific products.

While some waxes, like the Parissa Face & Lips Hot Wax (which comes in its own reusable metal pan), are specifically designed to be warmed on electric stoves, other waxes, such as the Organic Sugar Wax are easily warmed in a microwave. However, both of these options (and every other Parissa wax including the Legs & Body Warm Wax) can be heated perfectly to the exact temperature and consistency you desire with our Mini Pro Wax Warmer. One tool for all your wax melting needs!

Parissa Face and Lip Hot Wax on stove


Parissa Warm Wax in Mini Pro Wax Warmer


Parissa Organic Sugar Wax in microwave


Parissa Mini Pro Wax Warmer

There are many ways to go about heating your at-home wax products, but why not simplify things with the Mini Pro Wax Warmer? The perfect warming solution for all Parissa waxes, our warmer is also compatible with other brands of wax (as long as the container fits!), and incredibly easy to clean. What’s not to love?

Wax beads, wax in a pan, or any other wax in a microwave-safe container can be placed into the Mini Pro Wax Warmer to quickly melt to the ideal consistency and maintain the perfect temperature for optimum hair removal with our simple dial control. For soft wax, you may even choose to pour your desired amount into the removable silicone pot rather than heating the entire container. When you are done waxing, the silicone pot can be easily removed for a quick and painless clean-up. It’s so convenient, the silicone pot is even dishwasher safe! Don’t forget that you can use the lid of our warmer to hold spatulas while waxing so as to reduce the mess even more.

Blue waxing beads in Mini Pro Wax Warmer


Parissa Organic Sugar Wax in Mini Pro Wax Warmer


Parissa Brazilian Hot Wax in Mini Pro Wax Warmer


Parissa Face and Lip Hot Wax in Mini Pro Wax Warmer

Our slim, sleek and compact electric wax warmer uses the same technology as the bulky, unattractive and hard-to-clean professional wax warmers that you see in salons. We pack all the same punch as salon warmers into this small, easy-to-carry, sophisticated design so that the Mini Pro Wax Warmer won’t take up too much space on your counter and will look amazing while sitting there!


Using the wax warmer:

Plug it in, turn it on and add your favourite wax - It’s really that simple!

Make sure to place your warmer on a flat, heat-safe surface and connect your power cord to an electrical outlet. Place the removable silicone pot securely inside the heating area, then turn the dial. A blue light will appear to indicate that things are going as planned - the wax warmer is on!

Now it’s time to add your favourite wax! Remember that every wax is different, so make sure to warm your wax according to the instructions that come with the wax you have chosen. Rotate the knob to control the temperature of your Mini Pro Wax Warmer to help you find and maintain the optimum consistency for your wax.

Use a spatula to apply the now perfectly heated wax to your skin. Always follow the waxing instructions that came with your chosen product and relax knowing that your wax will stay at just the right temperature for the best results!

Cleaning the wax warmer:

As with heating, not all waxes will be cleaned the same way. It’s important to always check the specific cleaning instructions for your type of wax, prior to cleaning.

Parissa Sugar Wax is 100% water-soluble, so you can simply remove the silicone cup, rinse with warm water, place it in your dishwasher, and you’re done! For most other waxes you will require oil for cleaning.

First, remove as much wax as possible from the silicone cup using an applicator stick. Grab a spare epilation strip or cotton round, apply a generous amount of your chosen oil and begin wiping the wax in circular motions. As the oil works to soften the remaining wax you will find it easier to remove from the silicone container. Once the wax has been removed, wipe the inside of the silicone cup with oil one more time for good measure, then place the pre-cleaned silicone cup into the dishwasher to sanitize. Make sure you get all the wax off before placing the removable silicone cup into the dishwasher as resin-based
waxes are not dishwasher friendly!

Upgrade your hair removal routine with the Mini Pro Wax Warmer - you won’t regret it!

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