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Introducing the International Day of Waxing

Introducing the International Day of Waxing

Parissa is officially inviting you to an empowering new body-positive holiday! International Day of Waxing is a playful day meant to encourage a fun & healthy attitude toward hair removal. This is your day to share your favourite waxing techniques, or even try one for the first time.

Whether you love your razor or simply want to freshen up your current at-home hair removal routine, join us as we celebrate all things waxing!

What does the day represent?

International Day of Waxing aims to inspire you to find a skin-friendly approach to smooth skin.  Removing body hair is a choice and IDoWAX honours that!

Bare legs, bikini line, or face, weeks of smooth results and less irritation are just some of the benefits of waxing. At-home waxing products such as the Parissa Hot Wax or Parissa Organic Sugar Wax are made from non-toxic ingredients for a gentle yet effective approach to hair removal.  

Like any routine, practice makes perfect. Find what works best for you on International Day of Waxing. From sugar wax to strips, there is a wax for each hair and skin type: from delicate areas such as bikini and face to all-over body waxing. Waxing is meant to be celebrated!

The evolution of waxing

Waxing is one of the earliest forms of hair removal. Embraced as both a beauty trend and for hygiene, it has been as a go-to method for smooth skin for centuries. In fact, the first use of sugar wax dates back to Ancient Egypt. Inspired by Cleopatra, women are said to have used pumice stones and beeswax as an early form of waxing. In Ancient Rome, removing all body hair was a symbol of cleanliness. Later, during the Elizabethan Era, women endeavoured to create the look of a high hairline by removing everything from facial hair to eyebrows. By the early 1900’s, smooth underarms were in style due to the fashion of sleeveless dresses.

A new approach to hair removal 

More inclusive than ever, waxing is now an empowering part of many contemporary self-care routines. Fashion and gender norms originally shaped many early hair removal trends i.e., when a shortage of silk for stockings during WWII meant women finally dared to go barelegged.  

Thankfully, however, we’ve now entered a new era of body-hair positivity. The fitness craze of the 1980’s signaled a definitive shift in the waxing industry, and both men and women began to participate in modern hair removal. Brazilian and bikini waxing in the 1990’s also created space for more choice in a hair-free aesthetic. Whether it’s for cultural, sporting, health reasons or simply because you like the look of smooth skin, waxing is for everyone.

How you can celebrate!

There are several different ways to join the fun on this interactive body-positive holiday! To celebrate International Day of Waxing, find your waxing product of choice and settle upon a few new techniques to try.

  • For a complete guide on how to start, head over to IDoWax.com, the official website for all things waxing. There you’ll find more information about the skin-friendly benefits of waxing along with expert tips & tricks.
  • Don’t forget to use the IDoWax tag on social channels to showcase your love of waxing with videos and pictures of your smooth results!
  • If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to step into leg waxing, try Parissa Wax Strips. For fresh brow shaping or for a quick solution to peach fuzz, Parissa Brow Wax Stripsmay be for you. For a full list of wax types, check out the IDoWAX website.

Head over to IDoWax.com to learn more!

From Cleopatra to the first bikini wax, each era has had a smooth skin moment. Waxing has evolved to become a wildly popular form of hair removal, and here at Parissa we are major fans of the beautiful skin that comes with consistent wax sessions.

We hope you join us as we celebrate International Day of Waxing!

We can’t wait to see your before & after photos!

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