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Introducing Hot Wax Refill Pods

Introducing Hot Wax Refill Pods

What is Hot Wax?

Hot Wax is the ideal wax to target short, fine, stubborn hairs and remove them from the root without adhering to or pulling at your skin! Perfect for smaller, more sensitive, and delicate areas of the skin, such as the bikini area, face, or underarms. As Parissa Hot Wax warms, the wax transforms into a rich consistency that glides onto the skin, grabbing onto short and coarse hairs. Hot Wax cools in seconds, hardening to become the wax strip - there’s no need for epilation strips - just lift a corner of the hard wax with your fingers and pull along your skin. Glide on & peel off! You can spread the Hot Wax anywhere, in any shape you need for optimum results, meaning that Hot Wax is the best wax option when it comes to precision. Hot Wax is also known to result in fewer ingrown hairs, less breakage, less chance of skin reddening, and a longer regrowth period. So, if you don’t want to wait as long between waxes, Parissa Hot Wax is the best choice for you!

Parissa Hot Wax is available in three forms, Brazilian Hot Wax, Face & Lip Hot Wax and now the newest addition to our Hot Wax family, Hot Wax Refill Pods!


Parissa Brazilian Hot Wax
Parissa Face and Lip Hot Wax

How do I use Hot Wax?

Make sure to read the provided instructions on your Hot Wax of choice, as the heating method of each product will vary. Place your Hot Wax on a microwavable dish in the centre of your microwave, on the stove in the Face & Lip Hot Wax pan or insert the Hot Wax directly into the silicone cup of the Parissa Mini Pro Wax Warmer, for ease and efficiency.

Parissa Mini Pro Wax Warmer
Woman waxing upperlip using Parissa Hot Wax


Warm the wax until it reaches the consistency of thick honey and it is ready to use! If the wax is runny, it is too hot. Give it a few minutes to cool down before using.

Working in small sections, use a wooden spatula to apply Hot Wax in a thick layer, in the direction of your hair growth. While the wax is warm and soft, smooth it out evenly, as it hardens, the wax becomes the strip and adheres firmly to even the shortest most stubborn hair. Once completely hardened, grip the corner of the wax strip between your fingers and peel away the strip to reveal smooth, touchable skin that you will enjoy for weeks to come!

What are Hot Wax Refill Pods?

Now introducing the Parissa Hot Wax Refill Pods! A brand new Hot Wax product made with the same incredible non-toxic all-natural beeswax formula as our Face & Lip Hot Wax and Brazilian Hot Wax now in small pods - perfect for refilling your Hot Wax needs without buying an entire wax kit!

Parissa Hot Wax Refill Pods

Each package contains 15 Hot Wax Refill Pods that can be heated individually so you can melt just the amount you need each time you wax - no need to wait for a whole jar to warm up! The Hot Wax Refill Pods are just that - REFILLS. These pods are intended to replenish your wax supply and do not come with spatulas or a heating dish. The pods can be warmed individually in the Parissa Mini Pro Wax Warmer, the Face & Lip Hot Wax pan, or heated in a microwave-safe container.


Parissa Hot Wax Pods
Woman putting Hot Wax Pod in Wax Warmer

There’s no need to buy a whole new kit of Parissa Hot Wax now that you can supplement your wax supply with Parissa Hot Wax Refill Pods. The perfect wax choice for short, stubborn hair in your most sensitive areas!

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