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How to Navigate the At-Home Hair Removal Aisle

How to Navigate the At-Home Hair Removal Aisle


Believe us, we get it - the hair removal aisle can be a very confusing and overwhelming place. It’s hard to know where to begin when it comes to choosing the hair removal product that is right for you. Don’t stress, we are here to help! Just ask yourself these five questions and you’ll be able to navigate any hair removal aisle like a pro and find the right product for your grooming needs:

Question 1: What body part will you be removing hair from?

Identifying which body part, you want to wax is a very important first step! Different areas of your body have different hair types and textures, so one hair removal product won’t necessarily be a “fit-all” solution. When it comes to waxing, for example, the wax you may use on your arms and legs can vary greatly from the wax you would use for more sensitive areas like your lip and face.

Question 2: What are the different methods to remove hair?

So, now that we know which part of your body you want to remove hair from, the next step is to identify the hair removal method that will suit you best! The most common hair removal methods are shaving, waxing, lasers, epilators, and hair removal creams. The easiest and fastest method of hair removal is shaving, however, shaving is the most short-term option there is. When shaving, you will only remove hair from above the surface of your skin. Hair removal creams remove hair by chemically breaking down and dissolving the hair shaft but do not target your hair root. So in short, using hair removal cream to remove hair will have largely the same effect as shaving, and your hair will begin the process of growing back from the moment you remove it! When you use choose to wax, however, you will remove your hair directly at the root. Before your hair will begin to grow back, the body needs to create a whole new root, thusly leaving you with smoother skin for longer, lasting on average 3 - 6 weeks!

Question 3: Why are you removing your hair?

Next up comes the “why?”

What is the reason you are choosing to remove your hair? How much time do you have for hair removal and how long until you will be showing off your newly smooth skin to the world? Are you about to go on vacation? Do you have a special event, photoshoot, or day at the beach coming up? Once you have determined the why you will be better equipped to assess the method of hair removal that is right for you!

If you’re short on time, shaving may be the best option for you, as it can be done immediately before you leave for your date, photoshoot, beach day, etc. With waxing, it is important to wait at least 24 hours after a hair removal session before sun exposure to prevent irritation. If you can plan your time effectively, waxing is the best option for long-lasting results while minimizing the amount of hair removal sessions that will be required to maintain soft, smooth skin!

Question 4: What is your hair type?

As mentioned above, different parts of your body have different hair types which may require different methods of hair removal. If you are looking to remove coarse hair, such as pubic hair, Hot Wax is a great option for you, whereas Warm Wax is better at targeting fine, thin hairs.

Question 5: Do you have allergies or sensitive skin?

Another very important thing to keep in mind when deciding on your preferred method of hair removal is allergies and skin sensitivities. Hair removal creams and waxes made with synthetic ingredients can be extremely harsh on even the healthiest skin and can have very damaging effects on thin or sensitive skin. Parissa is proud to manufacture and sell only the best all[1]natural at-home waxing kits that are Leaping Bunny Certified and free of perfumes and synthetic fragrances. For our most gentle wax that is suitable for even the most sensitive skin check out our line of vegan Sugar Waxes.

Don’t let the hair removal aisle intimidate you any longer. Ask yourself these five questions and you will be prepared to shop. If you find that you’re still unsure which method is right for you, or you have any questions regarding wax or hair removal in general send us a message! We are always here to help

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