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The Best Way to Tackle Menopausal Hair Growth?

The Best Way to Tackle Menopausal Hair Growth?

Let's face it: most women have a least a little facial hair. Whether it's on your upper lip, on the side of your face, or a couple of rogue hairs near your brows, you probably have experienced hair growth before. Some women embrace it and look gorgeous doing so, and some women choose to remove the extra hair. But when menopause brings more than just hot flashes, some women want to get rid of new hair ASAP. The extra hair doesn't bother you? Great! Rock it, girl! Rest assured: there is no need to feel like you have to remove the hair on your chin. Want to do something about it?  We're here to help.

To remove your menopaused hair, it's important to understand why you're experiencing it in the first place. Changes in hormone levels can cause both hair loss on the scalp and new hairs to grow on the upper lip and chin. This new hair can either look like the peach fuzz around other areas on the face or can grow long and dark. No matter the coarseness, colour, or length, there are a few different ways to remove unwanted facial hair.

When it comes to dealing with these bad boys, there are a couple of options to consider: laser, shaving, waxing, and tweezing. Most of the time, laser hair removal is, unfortunately, unable to removal hormonal hair growth. Laser works most effectively on dark, coarse hair that grows consistently, which doesn't apply to the ever-sporadic patterns of hormonal hair growth. Shaving is always an option but be careful: shaving can cause hair to appear thicker. That's because when you shave, you're cutting the hair at its thickest point, so when the hair grows back, it can look even thicker than it did before. We're guessing thickening your hair growth isn't the result you're looking for, so let's dive into our favourite options: tweezing and waxing.

Tweezing is a great way to say bye-bye to your new hairy friends. The darker, coarser hairs are easy to find and pluck, but depending on how many you have, this could be a lengthy process. It can also be difficult to find and grab hairs on the lower part of your chin and jaw. If you only have a couple of hairs, tweezing could be your perfect solution. If things are looking a bit hairier, you'll want to consider waxing.

Waxing is a fantastic way to remove hair because it's longer lasting than most other hair removal methods. Waxing can last up to 6-8 weeks, so wax once and you're worry-free for more than a month! While having the same effect as tweezing (pulling the hair out by the root), waxing is a lot quicker than pulling each hair one by one. Another bonus is that after waxing, the hair appears finer when it grows back.

New to waxing and got some fine hairs to tame? We highly recommend using facial waxing strips. They're super easy to use: just warm, separate the strips, apply, pull the skin taut, and quickly remove. It's really that simple!


In need of something a little stronger? For ladies experiencing thicker, darker hair growth, we highly recommend using Hot Wax. Hot Wax is applied when warm and fluid and firms as it cools. No epilation strips are required because the wax becomes the strip. This unique wax shrink wraps the hair and is fantastic at removing even short and coarse hairs, including the ones on your chin.

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October 25, 2019

I need a recommendation of what to use for waxing. I am 62, post menopausal. I have hairs that are very dark and stubborn. I also have solid white hairs that are also stubborn. Hair are mostly on my jawline and chin. I have hairs on my upper lip but not too bad. I tried lotion hair removers and wax but nothing seems to work well. The fine hairs come out easily but the coar hairs are difficult to remove.

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