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Get Ready for Pride!

Get Ready for Pride!


Pride is all about self-expression, being yourself and wearing whatever you want! However, you choose to present during Pride (or any day of the year for that matter) prepping your skin is an important step for showing up as your best self! So, let’s focus on a few of the things that people often overlook when preparing for their Pride:

Prep your skin!


In the days leading up to Pride, don’t forget to hydrate so that your skin can be healthy and full of life for every Pride event you attend! Drink lots of water, cleanse your skin and don’t forget about a hydrating face mask!


When you exfoliate, you are helping your skin to reach its softest and smoothest potential by removing your dead skin cells from the surface of your skin, unclogging pores, and preventing blemishes. Try the Parissa Ingrown Rescue Kit for a powerful three-step exfoliation routine to cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate, leaving you with brighter, fresher skin all Pride.

Freshly waxed arms in rainbow light


If you are interested in hair removal, waxing is the best option for you! Not only will waxing leave you with soft, smooth, touchable skin but you won’t need to worry about hair removal again for up to 6 weeks! Don’t forget to wax at least 24 hours before your first Pride event so as to prevent irritation (especially If you’re planning to get a tan).

The right wax for you will vary depending on hair type and body area. A few of our favorite options include Legs & Body Organic Sugar Wax, Legs & Body Wax Strips & Brazilian Hot Wax, but for more information on finding the wax that is right for you, check out this other blog: How Do I Pick The Right Wax?

Plan your outfit

Pride and fashion go hand in hand - If there were ever a time to take a risk and wear something new and adventurous now is that time! Is one look not enough for you? Why not plan a costume change, or ten? An important part of Pride is taking the opportunity to express who you are through your clothing, so it’s important to feel comfortable in whatever you wear. Don’t hold back! Oh, and don’t forget to incorporate the signature Pride rainbow into your look as a small accent detail or as the entire outfit. Did someone say rainbow gown? Yes, please!

Pride parade

Hair and makeup

While you’re at it, spend some time coordinating the perfect makeup look and hairstyle to accompany your ensemble. Don’t be afraid to be colourful and when in doubt, use more glitter!

Beautiful eye makeup

Have a great time!

The final step - and truly the most important one - have fun! Pride is about celebrating the achievements and impact of the LGBTQ2+ community while standing up for social acceptance, self-acceptance, and legal rights - and doing it all with Pride!

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