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How Do I Clean Off Extra Wax Left on the Skin?

How Do I Clean Off Extra Wax Left on the Skin?

Once hair removal is finished, It is normal that there are areas of skin still covered in leftover wax. This could also be that you are using too much wax and not all the wax is sticking onto the epilation strip. All our waxing kits include a small vial of oil that helps with the cleanup or there are a other ways to safely remove the wax residue using products that you likely have at home.

​​​​​​​The Ultra Soothe Oil included in your kit does a great job of removing any wax residue. If you run out you can use any household oil to remove wax (coconut oil, olive oil, canola oil, etc.).

If you are using our Sugar based products then remember that they are water-soluble, so you can clean it easily with warm water.

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