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Brow Trends of 2022

Brow Trends of 2022

Full, natural brows are so en vogue today, that an era where pencil-thin eyebrows were the style seems hard to imagine. Let’s take a look at how eyebrows have changed over the last 100 years and talk about the brow trends to come in 2022!

Brow Trends Through the Past

1920s - 1930s

Prior to the 1920s, makeup was considered obscene, but in this roaring decade, the use of makeup became widely accepted and thin pencilled-in eyebrows with long downward tails came into fashion. As the 20s made way for the 1930s, brow bones were plucked bare and eyebrows were drawn on thinner, with a higher, more severe arch.

1940s - 1950s

Women began to allow their natural, thicker brows to grow back, and though they were still shaped with an arch, the shape was much less severe than in the previous decades. In the 1950s Marilyn Monroe set the trend with her high arched, squared brows - no matter the color of the hair on your head, eyebrows were now pencilled in darker!

1960s - 1980s

The hippy movement was beginning to sweep the globe in the 1960s, and by the 1970s was in full effect. Body hair was being embraced and that included eyebrows! While some women opted for fuller, fluffier brows, others began plucking their brows extremely thin to create space and to emphasize elaborate eye makeup. However, by the time the 1980s arrived, the natural bushy eyebrows were all the rage - bigger, bolder and as full as ever!


Back to the pencil-thin brows we go! However, unlike the brows of the 1920s and 1930s, eyebrows in the 1990s were pencilled in short with low arches.

2010s - 2020s

We now enter the era of the Instagram Brow. Natural, full eyebrows groomed to perfection. Trimming, waxing, tweezing, microblading and lamination all to get the well-defined, natural, fluffy, “I woke up like this” brow look.

Brow Trends that Stuck

Over the last century, some things never changed! The fluffy brows of the 1980s and the Marilyn arch all paved the way for the brows of today, and whether women were going pencil thin, or big and bushy, one thing has remained the same - our methods! The ideal brow has always been achieved by tweezing, trimming and waxing to perfection!

Potential Brow Trends of 2023

So, what should we expect to see happening to our brows in the months to come? As the trends of the 90s and early 00s continue to grow in popularity it only seems right that the eyebrows will come back as well!

Bleached Brows

bleached brows icon

These barely visible brows are a homage to the Y2K era. If you’re not ready to commit to bleach just yet, colouring your eyebrows with a lighter brow pencil will help to achieve a comparable look.

Skinny Brows

skinny brows icon

Similar to 1920s eyebrows, the slim and sleek 90’s inspired pencil brow is an edgy alternative to the full natural brow style we have been seeing for the last few years. Parissa Brow Wax Strips are a great option if you are wanting to try a thinner look. For something less permanent, block out your eyebrows with a glue stick and setting powder, as your favourite Drag Queen does!

Ombre Powder Brows

ombre powder brows icon

This semi-permanent styling technique creates a softly shaded brow that gives definition and depth. Ombre Powder brows leave you with that pencilled-in look without the effort of pencilling in your eyebrows every day!

Our Favourite Brow Trends Over the Years

A few of our favourite styles over the years include the thin but natural 2000s brow, the modern full brows of the 2010 and 2020s, and the high-arched, well-groomed brows of the 1950s! As with all trends, though, it’s important not to follow blindly and lose sight of what’s best for you and your face. No matter the era, choose the eyebrow style that looks and makes you feel the best!

If you want to embrace any of these trends from the last 100 years or try out any of the new styles we predict for the coming months, Parissa can help! Check out our Brows On Fleek bundle set for everything you need to get the brows of your dreams - no matter the era they come from!

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