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Parissa Azulene Oil Vs Ultra Soothe Oil

Parissa Azulene Oil Vs Ultra Soothe Oil

Introducing the new Ultra Soothe Oil

There’s a new oil in town! The Parissa Ultra Soothe Oil is a lightweight hydrating body oil that can be used daily to moisturize, soothe, and repair skin while combating ingrown hairs! You may be familiar with the blue Azulene Oil that Parissa previously provided in our waxing kits, but we recently made a switch. Don’t worry though, we’ve got your back - Our new Ultra Soothe Oil isn’t just as good as the Azulene Oil, it’s better!

Why we made the switch

When we found that we could no longer produce Azulene Oil ethically or sustainably, we decided to make an upgrade to our new Ultra Soothe Oil formula, in order to stay true to our customers and our core values at Parissa. Ultra Soothe Oil is made with only ethically sourced materials that are 100% vegan and, as with all Parissa products, the Ultra Soothe Oil is Leaping Bunny Certified!

Woman holding Parissa Ultra Soothe Oil

Comparing the two oils

So, let’s get into it. Are you missing out now that we have stopped production of the Azulene Oil? The fact is, you most certainly are not! While Azulene Oil had a rather minimalistic formula, the new Ultra Soothe Oil packs a powerful punch with a potent mixture of many restorative oils. Azulene Oil contained one essential oil - azulene oil. An extract of the chamomile flower, azulene essential oil gave our Azulene Oil its name and its distinctive blue color. While the Ultra Soothe Oil does boast calming capabilities of chamomile it doesn’t just stop there. The Ultra Soothe Oil is a refreshing blend of chamomile to calm, peppermint to cool, eucalyptus to cleanse, seaberry to repair, and more!

Woman using Parissa Azulene Oil
Parissa Ultra Soothe Oil in Hands

The Ultra Soothe Oil is not only more ethical, sustainable, and eco-friendly than the Azulene Oil, but after a plethora of consumer testing, the new Ultra Soothe Oil has clearly come out on top. We consulted with our beloved customers and the waxing experts on our team and the consensus is in. The brilliantly gold-colored Ultra Soothe Oil is gentler and in fact an all[1]around better addition to your skin-care regimen!

Committed to Ethical Sourcing

Here at Parissa, we take pride in our company values and strive every day to have the lowest possible impact on our earth’s resources. That is why all Parissa products are made with ingredients, packaging and other components that are sustainable and ethically sourced. We are committed to supporting local suppliers while always ensuring sustainability, in all that we do. When we learned that Azulene Oil could no longer be produced locally in a way that held true to our code of ethics, we chose to pivot! Out with the old and in with the new Ultra Soothe Oil - a formula that is made using ingredients from only ethically sourced North American and European suppliers.

Parissa only uses quality ingredients

Not only do we make sure to source our ingredients from the best possible suppliers, but we make sure to source the best possible ingredients - for the health and longevity of your body and our beautiful planet! Our products are all-natural and are as good for you as they make you feel. All Parissa products, including the Ultra Soothe Oil, are cruelty-free and Leaping Bunny certified. We do not add any artificial colors or synthetic fragrances - the Ultra Soothe Oil smells good because it IS good. Natural fragrance from cypress wood, calming chamomile extract, from the flowers and leaves of German chamomile, prevent the growth of bacteria and reduces irritation deep under the surface of your skin, cooling peppermint, a natural antihistamine that relieves swelling and redness, restorative seaberry, rich in antioxidants, protecting against free-radicals to prevent signs of aging, and cleansing eucalyptus, which boosts blood circulation leaving you with naturally glowing skin while simultaneously clearing your pores to prevent acne breakouts. All of this on top of a lightweight jojoba oil base to help your skin retain its natural moisture. The best part is that you can use it every day - after waxing, tweezing, shaving, or after showering, as a full-body oil!

Parissa Ultra Soothe Oil

The Ultra Soothe Oil is here to stay! We will not be bringing back the Azulene Oil in the future, but if you are dying to get your hands on some of that blue liquid, limited stock is still available as part of our Professional Series at parissa.com.

The new Ultra Soothe Oil is now available online at parissa.com, amazon.ca, amazon.com and at select retailers such as ULTA, Wal-Mart and Save-On-Foods!

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