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7 Professions That Benefit from Hair Removal

7 Professions That Benefit from Hair Removal

Over the last 39 years in the waxing biz, we at Parissa have met and talked to a lot of awesome people. We love to hear from our customers, and nothing makes us happier than learning that we have made someone's life easier, or helped someone to feel more confident, comfortable, or capable in their body!

We don’t think it's necessary to remove your body hair and we don’t endorse societal pressures to do so - especially at a young age. However, we recognize that some people do have a desire or need to remove body hair and are looking for natural, effective and safe ways to go about it - that’s where we come in!

Here’s a list of the top 7 professions that utilize Parissa natural wax:

  1. Fitness competitors and bodybuilders.
    When competing in the world of fitness competitions and bodybuilding, all eyes are on you! Judges will be scrutinizing every competitor with highly trained eyes to decide who looks the best and who is deserving of the big win. Bodybuilding isn’t all about the bulk of muscles, while that is of course part of it, judges are looking for symmetry in each competitor. Most fitness competitors and bodybuilders choose to remove 90% to 100% of their body hair. Why? Well, hair in various places will add shadows to your muscles and can appear patchy from afar, making your tan look splotchy and your muscles seem asymmetrical which could have a negative effect on your standing in a competition. When you have big muscles and you want to show them off, waxing your body leaves your skin looking smooth and glowing while adding definition to those chiseled pecs and shapely glutes that you’ve been working so hard on. Removing your body hair before the big competition could make all the difference!
  2. Professional Swimmers
    Professional competitive swimmers will remove all body hair that cannot be covered by a swim cap or swimsuit before big competitions to reduce the drag effect and increase speed in the water. Winning a world-class competition comes down to hundredths of a second, so, to improve speed, anything on the body that could create resistance must go. However, body hair removal for swimmers is not all about the physical - in fact, the feeling of the water gliding over smoothly waxed skin makes swimmers FEEL faster, which has great psychological benefits on their performance!
  3. Dancers (ballet, burlesque, etc)
    Ballet is built around smooth clean lines, so body hair can be seen as an affront to those lines while acting as a distraction to the audience. As a result, most, if not all professional companies require dancers to remove their body hair. Body hair may appear bulky under tights and can stick to leotards, resulting in irritation. Waxing hair ahead of time can prevent ingrown hairs from forming due to friction and decrease levels of discomfort. Although, in less formal dance disciplines, removing body hair is not a necessity, doing so can help with feelings of confidence, especially in a career that shows off more skin than your typical office job!
  4. Drag Queens and performers in the the LGBTQ+ community
    While not all Drag Performers choose to remove body hair, many do decide to go hairless. We support our LGBTQ+ community, and as stated before, we don’t think it's necessary for anyone to remove body hair. For those who choose to go the hairless route, waxing is often the preferred method as it is cost effective and long-lasting, which is important to a busy Drag Queen on the go! Watch the review of Parissa Warm Wax by Ru Paul’s Drag Race contestant Gia Gunn HERE!
  5. Wrestling and MMA
    Though there are no specific rules against hair, wrestlers and MMA fighters tend to remove body hair for a multitude of reasons. Both sports involve a lot of grappling, grabbing and pulling at each other's skin. Having body hair while fighting can be a huge disadvantage as it gives your opponent something to grab onto, which can lead to intense pain. Waxing before a match means smooth, slipperier skin, harder for your opponent to grab, less friction, and no chaffing!
  6. Runners
    Professional runners and athletes that pre-dominantly run (like soccer players) may choose to remove body hair for a number of different reasons. Body hair helps to hold in heat thusly leading to overheating in warmer climates. Injuries like gravel rash and scraped knees are easier to clean and tend to heal faster when there’s no hair in the way. Waxing body hair can reduce irritation and chaff from tight performance wear, and lastly, many athletes choose to go bare to facilitate recovery methods such as deep tissue massages, which can be irritating and uncomfortable when performed over body hair.
  7. Cyclists
    Though the main reason for cyclists to remove body hair is improved aerodynamics, many cyclists opt to go bare for the same reasons as runners: to prevent overheating, improve the fit of performance gear and decrease the chances of chafing and irritation while cycling and during recovery methods such as deep tissue massage. Pubic hair removal is also very common in cycling due to the extended periods of contact between the pubic area and the bicycle seat.

While removing body hair is always a personal choice, for some, waxing can facilitate greater comfort, peak performance, and heightened confidence levels. Whether it’s about increasing your speed in the water, reducing chafing in a leotard or minimizing points of grip while playing contacts sports, there are many benefits to be found in a regular hair removal regimen!

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