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7 Essential Waxing Tips to Avoid Mistakes

7 Essential Waxing Tips to Avoid Mistakes

The benefits of waxing are undeniable. Instantly smooth skin, less irritation, and results that last for weeks. You may even find yourself wondering if it is possible to achieve such fabulous perks from at-home waxing. The answer is absolutely, yes. In this age of DIY beauty, we are all learning how we can feel our best by trying out new self-care rituals.

At-home or in-salon, best results from waxing come with practice and technique. There’s no better time to get to know how. Read our 7 essential waxing steps and get ready to own the process!

  1. Grow out your hair

Hair should be at least 2mm or 1/4 of an inch before you wax it. After all, wax lifts hair follicles at the root. This means hair must be long enough to grab.

Aim for about two weeks of regrowth. Prepare to put down your razor or enjoy a break between waxing sessions. However, your wait won’t be very long if you don’t want it to be. Hot or hard waxes are very effective on very short hair.

  1. Choose the right wax

Choose the best wax based on your hair-removal needs. Technique, waxing process, and results are different according to the hair you want to target and the wax you use. Consider what fits your lifestyle. Decide on a body area and then explore your options:

Hot or hard waxes are notoriously effective on short or coarse hair and soft waxes work wonderfully on larger surface areas like your legs. Ready to use wax strips are convenient while brow pens are a game-changer for precise brow shaping.

Are hypoallergenic products a must? Made from sugar, citrus, and chamomile, our Sugar Wax is gentle on very sensitive skin. To help you find your perfect product, read our post about How to Pick the Right Wax.

  1. Don’t wash your skin before you wax

Keep your pre-waxing prep simple. Just make sure your skin is dry and free of any lotions. Of course, always read the enclosed instructions with your at-home waxing kit for specific product guidelines.

Washing your skin immediately before you wax is an unnecessary extra step. In fact, the natural oils in your skin help protect it. When you bathe, shower or cleanse the area you intend to wax, it strips the skin of these important oils.

On the other hand, sugar wax works best on clean hair follicles. Do wash and dry skin before using a water-soluble wax of this type.

  1. Apply in the right direction

Most waxes need to be applied (and removed) in a certain direction to work properly. Practice safe and effective waxing by perfecting your application:

Hot or hard wax is applied in the direction of hair growth and removed the same way. Wax strips and most soft waxes are smoothed on in the direction of hair growth and removed in the opposite direction. Once again, carefully read your kit for product guidelines.

  1. Hold your skin taut

It may sound simple, but this is a key step. As you pull off the wax, keep skin taut. With your free hand, hold down your skin so that it is pulled tight toward you. Keeping the skin firm helps the wax adhere only to the hair follicles and not your skin.

  1. Remove the wax quickly

Zip off the wax strip off in one smooth motion. Don’t hesitate or stop mid-pull. The faster you remove the wax from your skin, the more effective the results will be. Removing quickly will also help minimize any leftover wax.

The right technique is quick and gentle. Try not to unnecessarily tug on your skin. Pulling the strip off in an upward motion won’t be as effective and could result in bruising. Instead, remove the wax by keeping as close to the skin as possible.

  1. Don’t skip aftercare

Now it’s time to baby your newly waxed skin. Always apply a suitable aftercare product. Usually any skin-safe oil such as coconut oil or olive oil will dissolve leftover wax. However, look for something that will also reduce inflammation.

We recommend Parissa Ultra Soothe Oil. Made with eucalyptus and chamomile, this post-wax beauty multitasker purifies pores and gently hydrates.

Lastly, wait 48 hours until after waxing to exfoliate. Use a mild scrub or buff gently with a loofah to prevent ingrown hair and maintain smoothness.

Are you ready for the summer season? Read our latest blog on "What is Brazilian Waxing?" for more helpful tips.

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