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6 Tips for Using Parissa Brow Waxing Pen

6 Tips for Using Parissa Brow Waxing Pen

Your face is a very sensitive place on your body (and it's hard to hide if something goes wrong) so it’s important to ensure that you always take precautions and follow proper instructions while facial waxing. Follow these 6 tips below to successfully wax your brows with the Parissa Brow Waxing Pen!

Benefits of the Brow Waxing Pen:

Parissa Brow Waxing pen is all you need for salon-quality, mess-free, precision brow waxing in the comfort of your own home! The slanted precision tip fits every angle of your brow ridge to apply wax exactly where you need it and nowhere else. Twist the tip of the Brow Pen to use only one droplet of waz at a time to maximize control during wax application. The Brow Waxing pen contains our non-toxic, vegan & fragrance-free Parissa Warm Wax formula which is especially effective on stubborn, coarse hair.

Tip 1: Use a hair dryer or a cup of hot water to warm the pen for 1 full minute before use:

Parissa Brow Waxing Pen heating in warm water

It’s important to make sure that your Warm Wax is at the perfect temperature before you start your waxing regimen. Give the pen about 1 minute to completely warm up before applying any wax to your skin, as this will allow the wax to reach the perfect consistency. The warmer the wax, the easier it is to apply and the more effective it is in removing unwanted hair. 


Tip 2: Remove makeup but don’t wash your skin before waxing:

Your skin's natural oils protect your skin and prevent waxes from adhering directly to your skin, so while it is important to remove your makeup before you start waxing, it's paramount not to wash away those protective oils. So, don’t wash your face or bathe before using the Parissa Brow Waxing Pen, save the washing up for after the treatment!

If you would really like to wax after a shower or bath we recommend that you lightly use talc powder on the area to be waxed for some extra protection between your skin and the wax.

Tip 3: Dab a small amount of wax on one area, not the whole eyebrow:

The Parissa Brow Waxing Pen is meant for spot treatment! Always work in small sections, applying a little bit of product to one small area at a time. Zip-off that small section of hair using an epilation strip and then repeat the process, little by little, working along the length of the brow. Never attempt to wax the whole brow in one go - slow and steady wins the race, as they say!

Woman waxing brow with Parissa Brow Waxing Pen

Tip 4: Meant for coarse hair and not peach fuzz:

Although you could use this product on other parts of your face, the Brow Waxing Pen is meant for coarse, stubborn brow hair. The wax may not remove peach fuzz as that hair is very thin and fine. We recommend using the Brow Waxing Pen for its specific purpose: touching up the brow area!

Tip 5: Don’t use if you’re on any acne medication or are using products that make your skin more sensitive:

Do not use the Brow Waxing Pen (or any waxing products for that matter) on your face if you are currently taking any sort of acne medication, such as Accutane, Benzoyl Peroxide, or are using any serums such as Retinol, Glycolic or Alpha Hydroxy Acids. These products are known to make your skin much more sensitive, which can cause your skin to lift, bruise or cause irritation.

While we are focusing on things to avoid when waxing, it’s smart to steer clear of direct sunlight, alcohol, and caffeine for a while before and after waxing, too!

Tip 6: Oil, oil, and more oil:

The Parissa Ultra Soothe Oil will be your new best friend when it comes to removing wax. If you have applied too much wax or applied wax in an area you did not intend to remove hair from, use the Parissa Ultra Soothe Oil (which comes provided with your Brow Waxing Pen) to clean up the excess! This oil is also great for aftercare as it contains a blend of natural botanicals for cleaning and calming skin while preventing the development of ingrown hairs. Apply generously after waxing and reap the benefits of hydrated, happy skin!

Parissa Ultra Soothe Oil Vial

As long as you make sure to follow these 6 tips, you will find yourself successful in your brow waxing endeavours when you use the Parissa Brow Waxing Pen!

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