6 Benefits of the Parissa Ultra Soothe Oil

6 Benefits of the Parissa Ultra Soothe Oil

Introducing the new Parissa Ultra Soothe Oil!

A powerful body oil that hydrates deeply while cleansing your pores of debris and bacteria. A refreshing blend of restorative essential oils - chamomile to calm, peppermint to cool, eucalyptus to cleanse and seaberry to repair. Effective in the prevention and treatment of ingrown hairs while gentle enough for use as a daily moisturizer. Apply the Parissa Ultra Soothe Oil after bathing, showering, or any type of hair removal to soothe and prevent irritation.

You may be familiar with the Azulene Oil that Parissa previously offered, but when the production of Azulene Oil was no longer available to Parissa locally or ethically, we made the decision to upgrade this best-selling product to stay true to our core values. Our new formula uses all-natural, ethically sourced ingredients from leading suppliers across North America and Europe. The new Parissa Ultra Soothe Oil is 100% vegan and, like all other Parissa products, it’s Leaping Bunny Certified!

Calming Chamomile

Parissa Ultra Soothe Oil contains German Chamomile, an essential oil with very powerful, soothing, antiinflammatory properties. Apigenin, a naturally occurring compound found in chamomile, helps to calm redness and irritation when applied directly to the skin. Not only does chamomile hydrate and soothe
the skin’s surface, but it also penetrates deep into the layers of the epidermis for greater effect and continued healing.

Hydrating Jojoba

High in skin-nourishing antioxidants, jojoba oil is an excellent emollient that protects the skin’s natural moisture barrier, locking in moisture to deeply hydrate your skin while actively keeping the bad stuff out! Jojoba oil helps to plump your skin, clean, unclog and reduce the appearance of pores while simultaneously decreasing the appearance of wrinkles. The perfect oil to use after waxing or any other form of hair removal, jojoba oil contains vitamin E and B-complex to alleviate redness discomfort and irritation. To top it all off, jojoba so closely replicates the natural oils in your skin, you can trick your skin
into reducing its natural oil production. In short, by adding jojoba oil to your skin, you can make your skin LESS oily!

Cleansing Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus contains powerful anti-inflammatory benefits that help to calm redness while invigorating and rejuvenating your skin. Topical application can improve the appearance of your skin by increasing ceramide content, ridding your pores of impurities, and cleansing the skin to prevent acne breakouts.
After hair removal, your pores are left wide open and exposed, but eucalyptus helps to protect you by preventing irritation or infection with its anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. Eucalyptus boosts blood circulation while decreasing pigmentation and dullness for naturally glowing skin!

Cooling Peppermint

Peppermint essential oils add a mild, natural anesthetic to the Parissa Ultra Soothe Oil, which helps to relieve tenderness or irritation, especially after hair removal! Some people will experience a natural histamine response after epilation or shaving, resulting in itchy, irritating red or pink spots on the skin.
This is a totally normal reaction as your body's natural line of defence kicks in. The spots and irritation will disappear after a few hours, but peppermint can help to relieve the swelling and redness quickly with its cooling properties.

Soothing Seaberry

A skin superfood, Seaberry (also known as Sea Buckthorn) is very beneficial and can help to protect your skin from free radicals. High in antioxidants, essential fatty acids and Vitamin C, Seaberry treats and prevents scarring, redness, dryness and signs of aging in your skin. Packed with powerful nutrients, using Seaberry oil regularly will transform your skin, leaving it brighter, clearer, smoother, plumper and tighter. True Story.

Skin Cell Turnover

The Ultra Soothe Oil will help to promote skin cell turnover by deeply moisturizing your skin and keeping your pores clear. This finely crafted blend of essential oils and natural botanicals will help to reduce hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and scarring, while diminishing signs of aging like wrinkles, discolouration and dryness. When paired with the exfoliating power of our Konjac Sponge - found in the Ingrown Rescue Kit - the effects of our Ultra Soothe Oil are even greater!

Skin loving ingredients

Each ingredient of our natural, ethically sourced skin-loving oil will help with a wide range of skin ailments and concerns on their own, so when blended all together, this oil delivers a mighty punch of hydration, nourishment and cleansing power directly to your skin. The Ultra Soothe Oil Can be used all
over your body daily, after bathing or showering, after any form of hair removal, or as a beard and face oil. Do your skin a favor and try the new Parissa Ultra Soothe Oil today!

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