Parissa Warm Wax Kit


Microwaveable Warm Wax: a liquid salon hair remover with premium strips that zips away coarse & stubborn hair for ultra-smooth results up to 6 weeks. Includes vial of Azulene Oil to soothe & soften skin and prevent ingrown hair.

3 Easy Steps: 1. microwave wax 2. apply thin layer 3. zip off with strips

Ideal for: experienced waxers, facial & full body waxing.

Contains: 120ml wax, 20 strips, easy to follow photo-instructions, 8 ml Azulene oil, 3 spatulas.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: Read Instructions & cautions before use.


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I cannot say enough great things about this product. I've been using it for years. Do not ever stop making it. It's fantastic! :D


I'm currently 17 yr old girl, and I have coarse dark hair. For years I've been struggling to get rid of the hairs on my chest, armpits, stomach, legs etc. Unfortunately, because of shaving and countless ingrown hairs, my chest, stomach and armpits have been adorned with dark spots :( Anyways, I bought the Warm Wax yesterday and I couldn't wait to use it today! This thing works like a gem! I've waxed/gotten rid of hair before with the popular stuff, like Nair, Veet etc. and they sucked and caused me so much pain! Parissa hurts, but not as bad as the other brands. I'm so glad I bought this! I feel so much more confident. One problem with this is that it's annoying to have to rub oil on anything that the wax has been on, such as the bathroom floor, clothes and nails. And also how can i remove the wax from the sticks when I'm done, because adding oil to remove it doesn't help much :/

Overall, this product is so amazing! I just wanna go to the headquarters and hug everyone, because I've FINALLY found something that works!

REPLY TO: Amazing! 3

Hi Adeline,

Please feel free to come to HQ and hug all of 22 df us! We do love having visitors - and we particularly love any opportunity to show off our new ECO-facility in North Vancouver, BC. You can read all about it in our connect/blog section.

We have lots of tips in the Learn/FAQ section, including cleaning up a mess, copied below:

"Our Salon and Express Waxes clean up with any type of oil (canola, vegetable etc). If you've dripped or spilled the wax, you can either scrape it up with a spatula, or heat it with a blow dryer and wipe it away - then clean any remaining residue by applying some oil and rubbing."

It may seem like it isn't working, but because this is an oil-soluble wax, it will be dissolved with oil. We cleaned up a spill in the microwave once by pouring cooking oil on the plate and leaving it to sit for a couple hours - then came back and just wiped it clean.

If you have any more questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact us at or 1.888.986.9974 and we'll be happy to help you.

Thanks again!
Parissa Waxing Guru


This product is absolutely amazing
Sure it's messy and sticky but it's totally worth it when you clean up and come out of the shower looking like a total doll!
I used it on my legs and recommend it like crazy.
I have problems with sensitive skin and those annoying dots from using hair removal creams and this actually helped with removing them!!!!
I think one of the most amazing things about this product besides the price and the ease, is the fact that it doesn't hurt at all!
Truly amazing amazing amazingggggggggg!!!!!
Thank you Parissa!!!!!!

REPLY TO Amazing 2

Thank you for your comments, and we couldn't agree with you more! This is a very effective wax - salon strength to get the job done.

You did mention experiencing some stickiness - so here's a couple tips to help with that:
- Baby Powder: a light dusting of powder, or corn starch on your skin before applying this wax will help prevent any residue from getting/staying on the skin.
- Azulene Oil: rubbing a little of the oil from your blue vial of aftercare (included in your kit) or any household oil (baby oil, olive oil, mineral oil) on your hands will help prevent any stickiness while you're working. You can also keep an old rag doused with a little oil nearby to wipe your hands on periodically.
- Prepare your treatment area: laying newspaper down, or an old towel will prevent any drips from getting on your floor or furniture. If you do spill or drip wax anywhere, you can easily clean it up after you are done, by turning your hair dryer on the spot to soften the wax, then scraping it up with a spatula, followed by a wipe with some oil and an old rag.

Keep in mind that this is a professional formula, oil-soluble wax, meaning it does not wash with water the way sugar based wax does, so preparing for this in advance may make your whole treatment more easier and mess-free.

Thanks again for your kind words!
Parissa Waxing Guru


I've waxed my eyebrows and upper lips at home for quite some time now. However, I have become extremely sick of shaving and all the bumps and cuts that come with it. I decided it was time to start adventuring into bikini, leg, and underarm waxing. I've tried various products, all of which have NOT worked. However, when I found this warm wax and read the reviews for it, I had to try it! I will be leaving for the beach at the end of the month and figured there was no better time to try it. I wanted to do a test area before I went full force, and OH MY GOSH - this is the best wax I have ever tried! There are so many words to describe it, but the one that comes to mind is AMAZING! Even though I only did a few test areas, this wax did the job quickly, efficiently, and was almost completely painless! I look forward to trying more of the Parissa waxes in the future! Thank you for making me feel amazing!

REPLY TO: Amazing

Thanks for the great review!

Here's a tip for waxing around the bikini line and other delicate zones: Dust a fine layer of baby powder or cornstarch on your skin first, before applying the wax - this will reduce the ouch by creating a fine barrier between your skin and the wax but won't interfere at all with its effectiveness. Parissa Warm Wax is also completely vegan.

Bikini Waxing

So I've done some pretty good bikini waxes for myself. I can get one side and use only one muslin strip, however there's always this small patch right on my inner thigh. I've waxed that area before and a very very thin layer is on the strip as well as the hair. It doesn't hurt when I do it but no one likes their skin to be ripped off. Do you have any tips to get that very delicate area?

REPLY ro Bikini Waxing

Hi Erika

Bikini waxing can be a challenge - but also an easy fix. The first thing to do is pick up some baby powder. Parissa Warm Wax is a Salon style wax, meaning it is strong and designed to tackle the toughest coarse hair.  Applying a  thin layer of baby powder or corn starch on your skin first before applying the wax will act as a barrier between the wax and your skin - but won't prevent the wax from grabbing your hair.

I've done it this way for almost 20 years and have found it to be the most effective way to do bikini waxing with Warm Wax.

Also, be sure to work in small patches at a time and hold your skin good and taut before pulling the strip back.

Let me know if you have any other questions :)

Alley Laundry - Parissa Waxing Guru


I've been shaving all my life and decided to start waxing, after seeing what shaving does to my skin- it leaves bumps as well as darkening my skin color in the sensitive area (under arm, bikini). And so the first time in my life, I've bought Parissa's Warm Wax for coarse hair yesterday.

I've read the directions and reviews, but still have questions!
1) I understand that I'm not supposed to take a shower before I wax, but is it okay to take a shower right after I wax?
2) Do I need to constantly (everyday) apply azulene oil to the area where I waxed?
3) How should the consistency of the wax be like?
4) Could I use other oils (such as coconut oil) to apply after waxing?

I've tried a very small patch on my bikini line area last night, and it still has a little bit of redness to the pores. Should I be concerned or is this normal for first-timers?

I know there's a lot of questions but it's my first time, and I'd appreciate it if you could help assist me!

Thank you so much :)

ps I'm planning to get the Soft Gel for my face, since I think that the warm wax would be too strong for my peach-fuzzy hair.

REPLY TO: questions

Hi Black Rabbit,

I'm glad to hear you are converting from shaving to waxing - and that you have come to us with your questions :)

1. Showering:  I don't recommend showering right after waxing, because your skin could potentially be more sensitive - especially the first few times you wax. My suggestion would be to wax in the evening, befdore you go to bed - this will give your skin lots of time to calm down. I also want to mention that Warm Wax is a resin-based wax - meaning it is OIL SOLUBLE, not water washable. So any resiidue left on your skin cleans up with the Azulene Oil included in your kit.

2. Applying Azulene: Personally, I love the azulene Oil and use it regularly as a moisturizer (i even use it in my hair to tame the frizz). In terms of after waxing - you should use it immediately after waxing to soothe and clean your skin, and you would use it the following day(s) if you still have any tenderness or redness. (When I started waxing, sometimes my bikini line would stay a bit pink for a day or so).

3. Consistency:  The key is to be able to spread the warm wax VERY THIN, like a sheet of paper - so you'll need the wax to be quite runny. When you take it out of the microwave give it a good stir and test the temperature by applying a little on the inside of your wrist so as to make sure it's not too warm before proceeding.  If you can get the consistency almost like water, then it will spread very easily and you will get the best results.

4. Other Oils:  Any oil, like canola, coconut, baby etc, will work very well to clean up any spills or drips and well as any residue off your skin. So yes, you can do that. However, keep in mind that your skin may be sensitive after waxing, so be sure that there are NO fragrances, or other ingredients in the oil you use. We have specifically formulated our Azulene Oil to work as a calming and soothing agent to the skin as well as a "dry" oil, which means it doesn't leave a greasy film on your skin.

Tender areas like your underarms or bikini line can sometimes stay a bit red for a longer time than say, your legs or arms because the skin is thinner and the hair is more coarse. It is common to see little red dots around the pores, as this is your skins natural reaction to having the hair pulled out from the root. Wearing loose fitting, breathable fabrics like cotton will prevent any irritation and a cool compress will also help to redue any swelling.

The soft gel, as it is specifically designed for very fine hair, and may work very well on the peach fuzz you describe.  Please do let me know how you did with it. As a person with coarse hair, you may not find it strong enough. You can use the Warm Wax on your face (it's my faveorite for doing my eyebrows) but I suggest applying a fine layer of baby powder on your skin first to give a little added barrier between your skin and the wax. 

Please start by waxing an easy location, like your legs - so you can practice your technique. And when doing your sensitive spots, work in small sections at a time.

Hope it all goes smoothly - and PLEASE feel free to contact me directly if you have any more questions. I'm more than happy to walk you through the "how-to" of your more difficult areas to wax :) (toll free) 1.888.986.9974

Happy Waxing,

Alley - Parissa Waxing Guru 



I have always had a problem shaving my armpits. I get EVERYTHING on the surface, but it's like you can see under my skin so the hair that's underneath is visible. I tried Sally Hansen wax strips but it says you have to grow out your hair for 3 weeks, and since I'm a swimmer, that would be kind of gross for the people around me. Does this for-sure work and where can I buy it? I can't drive too far (I'm still a teen and live at home) so I can't go all over the place and basically my only option is the local Rite-Aid. Do you know if there is a drugstore near area code 94566 that sells this?

REPLY TO: Underarms?

Hi Meghan,

I understand what you are saying about being a swimmer and not wanting to let the hair under your arms grow for 3 weeks. Parissa Warm Wax is very effective on coarse hair - but we advise that the hair be about 1/8th of an inch long in order for the wax to grab the hair and effectively lift it from the root (so there's no dark shadow).

We also have a product called Parissa Hot Wax - which is a strip-free wax, meaning you apply the wax fairly thick, let it set then pull it off. The great thing about this wax is that it is particularly effective on short coarse hairs. as the wax sets, it 'shrink-wraps' around each hair, getting a really good hold of it - BUT it doesn't stick to your skin, which makes it idea for such tender zones like your underarms. It can a little fussier to use for your first time, but you'll be a pro in no time.

I've written a little blog about underarm waxing in our connect section that may help you:

I checked out what's available in your area. You can find our products at Whole Foods, Ulta, and select Target stores. You can also purchase directly from our website and have it shipped to you.

Feel free to contact us directly if you have any other questions.

Warm Regards,


Parissa Waxing Guru

This is the first time I have

This is the first time I have given this wax a try and I hate it. I took the time to read the instructions carefully TWICE and still I've had better results with a wax 1/2 the price of this one. It was ineffective at pulling the hair evenly. I ended up using tweezers to get rid of the patches it left behind.
It's not that the product hurts or that it gave me a rash it's that it doesn't work as it should, even when you use the product correctly. Perhaps this was just my experience but I would really like to get my money back so I can buy a different product that I know will work when I use it properly.
I had really high hopes for this product but I was absolutely disappointed.


Thanks for your comments. I'm sorry to hear you didn't have a good experience with the Warm Wax. This is the one I use, as I have very thick hair, and I find it works wonderfully - which makes me wonder if something may have happened to the box you have.
Every Parissa product is 100% guaranteed - so please give me a call @ 888.986.9974 and I'll be happy to look after you personally :)

Parissa Customer Care.

my skin was burning

I used this product on my eyebrows. It didnt start burning until i used the blue oil. i put a dab on the cotton ball, and got the wax off of my eyebrow. I noticed a burning sensation, and then red swelling occurred. it looks now like a mini patch of carpet burn or something, smooth to the touch, but very dry and scabby looking. is it possible that i accidentally lifted some skin off in the process??

REPLY TO: my skin was burning

Reading what you describe, it does sound like you've definitely irritated your skin, and possibly lifted a little. However, it should heal quickly. I always err on the side of caution - so keeping the area protected with an ointment like polysporin will esure quick healing.

Warm Wax is a salon-strength wax, which is why we say not to wash your skin beforehand (the natural oils on your skin act as a barrier). I also dust a fine layer of baby powder over the area first before waxing, for extra protection (not to mention it reduces the ouch-factor quite a bit).  

We do have gentler sugar-based waxes as well as Brow-Shaper Wax Strips, that are specially formulated for sensitive skin. I'd be happy to send you some as I believe having the right Parissa product for your specific needs is important for maximum effectiveness :)  Please give me a call @ 1.888.986.9974 and I'll personally help choose the perfect one for you.

Alley Laundry

Parissa Waxing Guru

Wow... amazing!

I couldn't make it to the wax salon but had to get my underarms waxed. I did a quick google search for best drugstore waxes and this one came up. I was amazed at how wonderfully this worked! Thank you for putting such a high-quality product at such an affordable price!

REPLY TO: Wow...Amazing

Thank you for taking the time to say so!

You Made Me Feel So Beautiful and Feminine!

I am IN LOVE with Parissa Warm Wax. It was a journey to find, but finally it's in my possession!
It really works just like in the salon-it's quick, easy, and doesn't really hurt in my opinion. There's no ingrowns, my skin turned back to normal within an hour from the redness, and the Azulene Oil is...The Goddess Aphrodite in A Bottle. I felt so elegant once my long side burns were shortened to a lady like length. Finally, I could see my face and not the creeping side burns threatening to connect with the apparent chin hairs...

Anyway, I attempted to do my bikini line, but I'm still a rookie, so the bikini line is going to take some practice. Hint: Ladies, with waxing don't EVER rush the process. Get comfortable with the easy parts like the face, then work your technique to the naughty bits. Make sure the people in your house hold know that you need a good...30 minutes to yourself without interruptions. With more interruptions, comes a thickening wax when all you have is a microwave. And never skimp on the tips/directions. Which means purchase baby powder, and the outward leg trick does wonders!

Their's a price for beauty, which means you need the time and patience to save up :)

And another Hint: Don't use cotton balls for the Azulene Oil (if you're using the jar and not the spray bottle). Simply flip the jar upside down and take the cap off. Inside you'll find that the stem is carrying a small amount of Oil-dot that on the waxed area and rub it in. You'll clean your wax sticky fingers and skin without the cottony residue.

REPLY TO: beautiful and feminine

Thanks for the great tips Erika!! I may have to use that "Goddess Aphrodite in a bottle" line :)

Be my guest ;)

Be my guest ;)

The BEST product out there for home use!

I've used so many products to wax at home and have had some success stories but some bleeding and some unsuccessful ones that hardly removed any hair at all. I have corse hair and I think the Warm Wax is fantastic!!!

REPLY TO the best product out there

Thanks for saying so! The Salon-strength of warm wax makes it super effective. Here's a tip to help reduce the "ouch" factor - dust a fine layer of baby powder or cornstarch on your skin before applying wax. This will allow the wax to grab your hair but not your skin :)

Inconsistent Results

I have a lot of issues and I really hope you can help me. I've only used the Warm Wax. Even though the first time didn't work very well (it grabbed very little to no hair), I gave it another shot. It worked really well the second time, so I bought two more kits of it! However, it might have only worked one more time and then it stopped being successful at grabbing my hairs. My hairs didn't feel any finer or anything, so I don't understand what happened. That all was with my legs and bikini.

I tried doing my underarms at least once and maybe a second time, but it hurt a lot and didn't grab much at all. It did grab my skin once though. :/ I tried doing it in small sections, but the wax wouldn't co-operate. It seems impossible to make it work because I'm doing it one handed and with a somewhat liquidy wax that I don't want to get on my carpet (I only have a carpeted room to do it in).

I'd love to be able to not have stubbles after one day! Every method I've tried doesn't last long. When I was younger my skin could handle creams and they actually worked well. Waxing now still doesn't seem to improve it much, only about a 1.5 weeks, I think, but that's better than shaving. Shaving and creams don't cut it for me, well they do "cut" and burn but not in a good way. I have course hair but sensitive skin. I assume this is why my underarms were having major issues. I also get ingrown hairs and bumps (few from bleeding follicles) no matter what. Even when I use the special blue oil for more than a day after waxing.

Also, even after I got used to the method of waxing, I still was running out of strips. I even cut them into halves/thirds to see if that helped, which it kind of did. I barely have time in my day to type this comment. It takes me a really long time to wax, about 1 hour each leg. That seems a bit ridiculous, I would say. Do you have any tips on how to speed things up AND get lasting results?

If I had the money and felt comfortable enough to go to a professional, I would, but I'm on my own with this waxing thing and would love to be able to get the same great lasting results as most other people. PLEASE HELP! THANK YOU!

REPLY TO inconsistant results

Hi Warm Wax User, 

Your frustration is understandable -  but don't worry, I can definitely help!  I've listed a few things below, but if you would please call me directly (toll free) @ 1.888.986.9974 I'll be able to personally go over all of this and answer any other questions that come up. 

My first thought is that there 2 things that may be going on:

  1.  While the Warm Wax is a terrific wax, it's possible that it isn't the one that's best suited to your specific hair/skin type. Parissa has over a dozen different waxes, each designed to address different waxing needs (ie: sensitive skin, or coase hair, or water washable etc),  I can easily determine this for you on the phone, or you can also try our product picker for a quick reference.
  2. Technique is really important for the best results. So making certain to apply the wax very thin, and pulling the strip back very quickly are essential. Also, the wax won't grab your hair, if it's too short, so be sure that it's at least 1/4" long. Waxing underarms can be both tricky and tender!  Try dusting a little baby powder on your skin first to reduce the "ouch" factor a little, and bracing your hand on the bathroom mirror with allow you to see where you're going, while keeping your arm still. The hair there tends to grow in different directions as well - so be sure that you are always applying wax in the same direction it grows, then removing it in the opposite direction. There are many tips and tricks to tell, which is also why it might be easier to just chat on the phone about this :)
Regarding the spill on your carpet - please see the answer to that problem here: How do I clean up a mess? 
I hope this helps for now, and I do look forward to an opportunity to discuss it with you in more detail.
Alley Laundry - Parissa Waxing Guru

On fire?

Has anyone ever had a problem with it lighting almost on fire??

REPLY TO: on fire


Thanks for your question, and the quick answer is no, if you follow the steps as per our instructions.

Warm wax is a salon-style, resin based wax - so technically it is flammable. However, warming the product for a minute or two in a regular microwave would NOT cause it to catch on fire,or anything close to that.

Please be sure you read our "Common Sense Cautions" listed in the product instruction sheet; and naturally, you should never leave the wax on a warmer unattended or expose it to an open flame.

Please call me directly at 1.888.986.9974 if you still have any questions whatsoever.

Thanks, have a great day.

Alley Laundry - Parissa Waxing Guru

Saved me so much $ :)

This product helped me save so much money. I use it to give myself Brazilian bikini waxes(I couldn't believe how good it came out) I use to spend 42$ a POP at the wax center now I drive over to Target spend 10 bucks and get just as good, if not better results for a fraction of the price!!!! :)

REPLY to Saved so much $

You are so right!
There's so much to be said for paying a fraction of the cost, let alone the convenience of doing it whenever you want and in the comfort of your own home!
Thanks for the positive words - we're thrilled you love it!



Can you use this wax on dark hair? Are the strips washable? And how many times can you use this?


REPLY to Great!

Parissa Warm Wax is a salon quality resin based wax - perfect for dark/coarse hair.
It is NOT water washable though. Like most salon waxes, Parissa Warm Wax is oil-soluble, meaning and residue left on the skin cleans up with the oil provided in your waxing kit. The strips are only washable when used with sugar-based waxes, like our body sugars for medium to fine hair types.
You can re-heat this wax again and again as often as you need.


I think that the Parissa is great! But i have dark hair, is this the best wax to use?


REPLY to Question

I have thick dark hair myself, and the Warm Wax is always the one I reach for when waxing my legs and underarms.
The formula for this wax is exactly the same as in our Professional Salon Warm Wax - so you know it's super strong, and super effective. I wouldn't recommend it for sensitive skin or fine hair, but it's perfect for dark/coarse hair!

Scar face :(

The very first (and last) time I used the hot wax to wax my upper lip I ripped a thin layer of skin on my upper lip off :( I haven't attempted to do this myself again...but today I'm tempted to. Any suggestions?

REPLY TO: scar face

Whenever something like this happens PLEASE call me immediately! I'm terribly sorry to hear about this.
Skin lifting is very UNcommon with Hot wax, as it is specifically designed to NOT stick to the skin. It's important that you do not ever wash your skin prior to using a salon quality wax though, as the oil on your skin acts as a barrier and protector.

I would strongly suggest in this case, to use our wax strips for sensitive skin.

Awesome product

I have a question, i just ordered your wax warmer and i was wondering if your aloud to keep wax on the warmer for however long your using the wax ? Or only 40 min ? Will container melt if i go past 40 minutes ? By the way you make an amzing warm wax I have went threw a couple of these thank you :)

REPLY to awesome product

Thanks for the props!

Yes, you can keep your wax jar on the warmer for the entire time you are using the wax. The 40 minutes you are referring to is under the section "heat product" but once it is warmed up enough to liquid honey consistency, you can keep it on the warmer while you use it, to maintain the correct temperature.

The jar is made from a high desity product that is designed to withstand heat. Having said that though, you should never leave it unattended. 

no microwave

We don't have a microwave! Is there another way to heat the wax? Also, it this ok for a full back wax?


REPLY to: no microwave

Yes, you can heat the wax easily by either:

a) Placing it on your coffee maker warming pad. Turn on your coffee maker, remove the glass urn and place the wax (without the lid) on the warming  plate until it is the correct consistency.

b) Placing it on an oven safe dish and putting it (without the lid) into your oven on the lowest temperature for about 20 minutes. 

Always be sure to test the product for temperature BEFORE using it on your skin.

I put the wax on my coffee

I put the wax on my coffee maker warming pad and the plastic started to melt. I am glad that I noticed the smell or I would have had a horrible mess. I thought that I would try this since 'admin' had recommended this method

REPLY to wax on my coffee

Thanks for your feedback, and the reminder that appliances can vary and not to leave wax unattended when heating it.

Having said that, the jars for our Warm Wax are heat safe well above the temperature at which you would drink coffee, so it does seem strange that yours began to melt. 

Please send me your jar and I will certainly replace it for you with a fresh box of product. Please also include the make of your coffee maker. Feel free to call me directly @ 1.888.986.9974 so that I can make all the arrangements for you.

Thanks again, I look forward to hearing from you.

Alley Laundry - Parissa Waxing Guru

Amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have went threw a couple of these and its hands down the best warm wax at an affordable price. I love it !!! I am going to be purchasing a new one this week :) Thank you for making this product.


I used so many wax products but nothing works like this one. it is easy to use, works perfectly. my husband loves it too. i will be a prissa customer for life. i highly recommend this.

Can I use this for bikini waxing?

I am getting ready for a beach oriented trip, and I would like to wax my bikini area. I am not sure what I should-this or the hot wax. The warm wax seems easier to use, and people seem to like the strips but the recommended "bikini" wax is the hot wax. Any advice?

REPLY to bikini waxing

Both waxes will work wonderfully for the bikini area, what it comes down to is which product you are more comfortable working with. 

Hot Wax, is a stripless wax that is perfect for small, sensitive areas like bikini, or underarm, and frankly, it's the one I prefer for doing brazilian waxing because it is particularly effective on short coarse hair. Because hot wax doesn't stick to your skin, you may find the "ouch factor" a little lower with this one. Hpwever, it can take a little more practice to work with because you have to apply a thick coat of wax, let it harden until it's no longer tacky to touch, but still pliable, then pull the entire bit of wax off. The key here is to make sure you are holding your skin nice and taut.  

Warm wax is a little easier to work with, since you apply a very thin layer of it, then right away, press and rub the fabric strip onto it and pull off immediately. I do find this method to give you slightly more control, and if you are a beginner, I'm a little inclined toward suggesting this one. If skin sensitivity is the issue, try dusting a little baby powder on your skin first, before applying the wax, to create a little protection between your delicate skin and the wax.

Both of these Parissa waxes are salon quality waxes - meaning they are our strongest waxes and designed to get the job done! If you have any questions, please feel free to call me directly @ 1.888.986.9974 or email me


Alley, Parissa Waxing Guru 

box trucks

I find myself coming to your blog more and more often to the point where my visits are almost daily now!

Skin sensitivity?

We waxed an area on my daughter's chest on Sunday--the skin is quite reddened and blotchy. She has sensitive skin and has not had a reaction to other waxing. Any suggestions?

Reply to: Skin Sensitivity

I'll respond to this in the girl talk section, but in the meantime, please give me a quick call @ 1.888.986.9974 and I'll be happy to help you out with this :)

Alley Laundry
Parissa Waxing Guru

Great product

I was so worried after reading the reviews above. But being that I had spent money I figured what the heck, I'll give it a try. I am African American and my hair is coarse, to add to that I am VERY hairy, UGH!!! Well I started off with the simple stomach hairline that I loathe and a patch on the inner thigh. To my surprise it wasn't a terrible experience. I feel confident enough to do my underarm, legs and one day I'll be bold enough for the bikini area.

In my trial and error, I learned that you should have all material ready and available before you begin.
1) Wax heated
2) Strips
3) Scissors (to cut strips)
4) Baby Oil
5) Cotton

4,5; was the mess savor. I didn't have a ton to clean because I soaked the cotton prior to beginning. So after waxing, I immediately cleaned area with oil and it was as easy as that. No mess.

There is so pain involved, but no more than you would experience at the salon. In fact after the first strip or so, I was able to deal.

I would recommend to anyone who isn't afraid to try yourself. It's not a bad deal.

The positive reviews really helped, and made a lie of the negative ones.

***** 5 of 5 stars!

wax: glyceryl rosinate, collophonium, brassica napus oil.

azulene oil:, isopropyl myristate, d-alpha-tocopheryl, azulene, menthol.



Download instructions here:

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