Parissa Hot Wax Kit


Strip-Free Hot Wax:  a no-strip salon hair remover that gently lifts away short, coarse hair for ultra smooth skin up to 8 weeks. Includes vial of Azulene Oil to soothe & soften skin and prevent ingrown hair.

3 Easy Steps: 1. heat wax 2. apply evenly 3. peel off

Ideal for: small or delicate areas like face, brow, bikini or underarms.

Contains: 120g solid wax, metal pan, easy to follow photo-instructions, 8ml Azulene oil, 3 spatulas.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: Read instructions & cautions before use.


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Mixed Review - I have a question!

Hello! I used this a while back on my bikini area, and while it was so damn painful - it worked like a charm! Yesterday I tried it on my arms and legs and it really didn't work - it didn't grab the hairs well and left many behind. I applied exactly as instructed, in a nice, thicker layer. Waited till the right temp. I am wondering if my body hair is too fine for this? The bikini area is generally courser so that may be why it worked? I am thinking of trying the sugar wax, since I like the idea of a washable product. Does the sugar wax do the bikini ok? Or the warm, salon style wax? Thanks for any help!

REPLY TO: I have a question

Hi Moonbeam,

Thank you for your comments.  Yes, it does work like a charm but any discomfort can be eased by practicing a few key techniques, which you can read about here:

As for your question about which product to use, allow me to explain a little about them. Parissa Hot Wax is formulated specifically to tackle the toughest hair (short/coarse) on your most delicate areas, where the skin is thin or sensitive. This is why it's perfect for waxing the bikini line, underarms and face. The reason is in the ingredients - using natural beeswax allows the product to shrink-wrap around each hair, without sticking to the skin.

However, if you are working in an area where your hair is medium-fine thickness, you are correct in thinking the Chamomile Body Sugar is the right choice. This one is a sugar-based wax, and therefore very gentle as well as water washable (you can also re-use the fabric strips by rinsing them off after treatment and hanging them to dry for next time).

When choosing the wax that is right for you, please consider the following:

1. Which area you want to wax

2. The thickness of your hair

3. The style of product you prefer (quick & easy, washable, or professional strength)

4. Your experience level (novice to pro)

OR you can make it easy on yourself and just use the Parissa Product Picker, right here of the website:

Please also give us a call at 1.888.986.9974 or email if you have any questions about our products or about waxing techniques in general, we have professionally training aestheticians on hand to walk you through it.

Happy Waxing!

Parissa Waxing Guru

Really Works!

This is awesome! It really does work. It removes thick coarse hair like it says, and removes very small hair.
Not too easy to apply (but just like any other hot wax, requires practice lol), but once it's on, you can easily manipulate it, and easily remove it. Doesn't even hurt, leaves no redness, no ingrown hair. This is hands down one of the best at-home eyebrow wax i have ever tried.
Not to mention this is one of the cheapest of them hot waxes on the market. So it's totally worth it! Thank you Parissa!
The only problem is there's no lid or whatever so storage is going to be difficult. I imagine it will get dirty/contaminated quickly so i have use/replace it quickly i guess. And the wax doesn't get off the spatula, obviously. There's not enough spatulas in the box so I'll have to purchase more on my own.


I used this today for the first time and absolutely HATED IT!!! it didn't remove ANY hair, and hurt SO MUCH! plus I had to overheat it to be able to get it the right thickness on my skin. I was really hoping for it to work for my underarms and was very dissappointed. I was also very messy and sticky. I need to find a good wax that WILL work on my underarms without making me scream like crazy from pain. Do you have anything elso that could work without making it hurt SO much and works for coarse hair (I'm not actually sure what type I have, it seems a little coarse)??


Hi mylife,

I'm sorry to hear that you didn't have a good experience with the Hot Wax. To be honest, it's my favorite (I have very thick hair) because it's especially designed for short, coarse hair and sensitive skin. but I do admit it's not the best wax for beginners, and it takes a little practice to get the consistency just right.

Unlike our other waxes, Hot Wax is stripless, so it must be applied faily thick. I usually warm it up until it's about halfway melted, then I give it a good stir, which usually brings it to that perfect molasses like thickness.

One of the great things about Hot Wax is that it grabs the hair without sticking to the skin - which generally eases the discomfort. I'm concerned about the pain you are describing, since that's not usually the case with this wax, nor is it meant to be 'sticky'.  If you would be so kind as to email me, I'd like to find out what may have gone wrong  in this case, and look after it for you, personally. :)



Parissa Waxing Guru


So I thought to try out the Hot Wax since it's cheaper, and boy did I make the right decision. You guys should give yourselves a pat on the back for creating this product. I mean it's THAT easy-no pulling of the skin, no strips, no hassle, ect zip nada nothing. And guess what? I barely have to use my tweezers after I wax my chin, since it gets the hard to reach coarse hairs. Every waxed area is smoother than jesus's bottom.

My bikini has never looked better thanks to the Azulene Oil and exfoliating. It makes me want to hop on a plane, and go to the nearest nude beach just to show it off!

I mean do you have any idea how much money I am saving because I purchased the hot wax? Exactly, $57 every 2 weeks or so. That's a Bikini Wax ($40), Side Burns ($10), Chin ($7) at the nearest Salon.

Now to complete my beauty ritual, I need a wax warmer, then I'm ready to go! Watch out World ;)

REPLY TO bow down to parissa

Wow, Erica, thanks for the love!

There are 2 things that come to my mind right off the bat:

1. I love our Hot wax too - after 20 years in the industry I've honestly never found a hard wax that is better than ours. It's the ideal brazilian wax because, as you say, it doesn't stick to the skin, yet it shrink wraps perfectly around even the shorter hairs!

2. Hmm... I don't remember ever reading that about the Son of God's rear...but hey, a guy that wonderful and loving could very likely have also been very smooth (LOL)

The Parissa Wax Warmer is available at Shoppers Drug Mart and London Drugs, here in Canada. Otherwise you can order it through us online.

Thanks again!


Peel Off or Zip Off?

I've tried the Warm Waxer and love it, but now I want to give the Hot Wax a test drive (plus it's cheaper...).

I've looked on this site and there seems to be a miscommunication somewhere: in the how to waxing it says zip off the wax, but on the instructions for this it says peel off. Which is it?

REPLY TO: Zip or peel

Thanks for your post - sometimes when you're in the "industry" it's easy to glaze over the lingo we're so familiar with, but that understandably be confusing!

Here's the most important thing you need to know - When you are removing the wax, you must do it QUICKLY and in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION OF HAIR GROWTH.

Whether that means zipping, ripping, peeling or pulling - hair removal by any other name should be the same. Speed counts - (think of removing a bandage) the faster you do it the better, and the less it will hurt.  

Keep in mind that the Hot wax is a little different in terms of how you use it and how you apply it. Please be sure to check out our "how-to" video on Hot Wax  and feel free to call me directly if you have any questions at all @ 1.888.986.9974.


Alley Laundry - Parissa Waxing guru

Love it

I love using the hot wax tried the warm wax but it didn't have the same results. Going back to the hot wax!

REPLY TO: Love it

Thanks. There are some things that I ONLY use the Warm wax for, like my legs...but other things, like a Brazilian wax, I will only use the Hot Wax. It's great to find a product that you trust enough to stick with!

Works for me

I use it on my bikini line. I swim 3-4 times a week and shaving wasn't working for me and creams were almost as bad. I had only used wax strips before and I wasn't impressed but I heard that stripless wax was the only way to go so I stumbled on Parissa Hot Wax at the drugstore and gave it a go. Being a beginner waxer I was expecting it to be painful and messy but it was surprisingly easy and not that painful. I like that I only had to wax once a week but the longer I use it the less I have to wax, which is wonderful. Definately suggest getting the warmer.

by far the best


I just wanted to tell you ho much I love your wax! I have tried all of the drugstore brands of wax, and yours is by far the best!
My favourite is the Strip Free hot wax. It is so easy to use and is pretty much pain free. I have even gotten my boyfriend the mens full body wax and he didn't even mind it! hahaha


The Least Messy, Most Effective Wax I've Used

I've tried several other brands, and I find Parissa Hot Wax to be the best quality. The wax spreads so easily and removes hair quite well. I've used on bikini and face, both with good results. Other waxes in plastic containers tend to get so messy. The metal pan (when used with the warmer... essential) prevents the wax from hardening all over the stays warm and the leftover wax melts right back into the pan. It takes a little practice, but once you get the hang of it, this is great stuff.

Highly recommended!

RE: Least Messy

Thanks for the props!

Made me breakout

I really like this wax, I can tell its a good quality wax, it removes most of the hair (not all) but it is MUCH BETTER than other waxes, and the prices are fair.
The ONLY CON was that a few days later I broke out, I had pimples everywhere I waxed. It was really horrible, and its been about 4 months and the pimples left marks that are still there. I am waiting for them to fade away.
Of course, not everyone is going to break out, that was just my skin's reaction but if you are prone to ingrown hairs and acne, try to avoid this product. For that reason only, I won't be using this wax anymore :(

re: Made me break out

Thanks for the comments. I'm sorry to hear you had a bad reaction. I am prone to acne and break-outs as well - but find that regular exfoliation helps a great deal to eliminate this problem. I also find that waxing in the evening before I go to bed and rinsing my face with cool water or a cool compress afterward helps a lot as well.
Please call me directly any time if you'd like to chat about this a little more @ 1.888.986.9974. It can be challenging to deal with the combination of coarse hair and acne, but there are plenty of techniques that will keep that under control that I can share with you, relevant to your specific needs.

Warm Regards,
Parissa Waxing Guru

MUCH BETTER than other waxes!

-Can really get most of those coarse hairs
-Not too painful
-Heats up quickly
-Azulene oil feels wonderful1

-Some hairs were too coarse (it did not get ALL the hairs but i'd say it got 90% so its good enough!)
-IT IS PRETTY MESSY, so i do not recommend it to new users who are inexperienced with wax.
-Can get very sticky if you are not careful


This product is great!

Had a great experience with this product!

was better than veet

was better than veet

Good stuff

This is good stuff. After a bad experience with Gigi stripless wax I thought I'd never try DIY wax again. After living in Japan for almost 5 years and getting waxes using stripless wax I never wanted to use strip wax again (to me it's less pain). Moved back to the US went to get a wax and they used strips. I decided why bother calling all the salons in my city to see what type of wax they use I'd just find a wax and do it myself. I'm so glad I tried this first. If I hadn't have I probably would have given up again. This was the most painless wax I've ever had and I did it myself! How great is that. For lower legs it was not enough, but I just remelted some of the wax used on my other leg to finish the job. It works just the same although some may think that's yucky but hey it's my hair. :-) Just like a previous reviewer said just read and follow the directions.

I am a swim instructor so

I am a swim instructor so everything down there has to be PERFECT, and this is the product I use. It's a little more difficult to use than the other products (I started with Parissa's chamomile sugar wax, also a good buy!), but after a couple times you get the hang of it. I use it on my bikini area (think Brazilian) and I have used it on my lower legs, however you need A LOT of wax to do your lower legs because this stuff has to go on thick. I would also recommend buying the warming plate with this, running back and forth between my oven and the bathroom is a little inconvenient. Other then that, the stripless kit is awesome, don't be intimidated by it, just follow the directions and you'll be fine in no time :)

Perfect for delicate/sensitive areas

Date Added: Friday 18 September, 2009
This is perfect for delicate/sensitive areas and I find it works on smaller areas best. I use it on my upper lip, although I don't have much of a mustache but I still hate even the slightest bit of hair and since I have dark skin, bleaching just isn't an option. Hair on my face is almost not visible at all, but I find that even the tiniest hairs make my upper lip look darker which makes me look like I have a mustache even when I don't, then TA DAAAH! In comes Parissa Hot Wax to the rescue.

It's SO easy to use and removes even the most minuscule of hairs leaving no mess because it becomes firm and comes off like a bit of blue tack (but green). Also, the azulene oil (the nice blue stuff in the glass tube) is AMAZING as an after wax soothing oil and also prevents the hair from growing back so quickly, so even though I find waxing my upper lip quite painful (I have sensitive skin), I never have to do it that often. No strips, no fuss, no mess, no hair, PERFECT!
by Rahsian Parris

Really impressed with the Hot

Really impressed with the Hot Wax would really recommend it.

wax: collophonium, cera alba, brassica napus oil, azulene.
azulene oil:  isopropyl myristate, d-alpha-tocopheryl, azulene, menthol.

Download instructions here:

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