32 applications
Easy eyebrow waxing is here! Specially formulated for sensitive skin.
24 applications
For sensitive skin. 3 sizes: face, bikini, underarm
16 applications
Quick, Easy & Mess-Free. Our Best Seller! Great for upper lip, touch-ups and travel!
4pc value kit
SAVE $30 and get everything you need with our Wax Strips Kit, for quick & easy waxing from head to toe!
1 unit
Single pot electric wax warmer for home use. Keeps hair removal wax at perfect temperature!
120ml / 4 floz
Microwaveable and Super-Effective. Parissa Warm Wax is ideal for coarse hair on underarms, bikini line, legs and body.
120g / 4floz
Salon Style Hair Remover for short, coarse hair on face, brow & bikini.
20 applications
Parissa leg waxing strips are quick, easy and mess-free
60ml / 2floz
Soothe, clean and moisturize your skin immediately after waxing.
40 applications
Ready to use Wax Strips for legs and body in a bonus pack, so you never run out!
120ml / 4 floz
Male all-over body waxing has never been this easy! Extra Strength for tough shoulder, chest or leg hair.
20 applications
Mess-free mens wax strips are easy to use for shoulders, back, chest and even those hard to reach places.
5pc value set
SAVE 30% when you buy everything you need in our Warm Wax Kit, for pro-style at-home waxing. For legs, body, bikini, underarms and face.
140ml / 5floz
Sugar waxing is a great natural hair removal treatment. Gentle on skin, yet tough on hair. Body Sugaring paste is water washable.
140ml / 5floz
Great for normal & fine hair removal. Easy to apply, and cleans up with water. Sugar based wax is gentle on all skin types.
140ml / 5floz
The perfect thing for fine hair & sensitive skin. All natural hair removal soft gel is a gentle, water washable, sugar-based wax.
140ml / 5floz
Great for fine hair removal. Natural sugar based wax is water washable and gentle on all skin types.
5pc value set
SAVE 30% and get everything you need with Our Sugar Wax Kit. This pro-style at-home hair removal works great on legs, bikini, face and underarms. Water washable & gentle on all skin types
100 large strips
fabric blend stips for sugar or wax. Soft & strong enough for full body. Wash and reuse with sugar products.
140ml / 5 floz
Washable hair remover for your chest, abs & legs. Male body sugaring paste is gentle on all skin types.
8 applications
Men's eyebrow waxing has never been easier! Fix your unibrow and shape your gorgeous guy-brows in just minutes.
480ml / 16floz
Hi-Performance Professional Hair Removal. Removes coarse hair on legs, bikini, underarms and face. Compatible with all professional wax warmers.
480ml / 16 floz
High performance, hair removal wax infused with Tea Tree & Azulene for entire body. Professional Size
550g / 20 oz
Hot Wax hair removal. Extremely effective on short or coarse hair yet very gentle on skin. Professional use only.
480ml / 16 floz
Sugar wax hair remover, for all hair types. Gentle, water washable formula. Professional use only.
5pc value set
SAVE 30% and get everything you need with our Hot Wax Kit. Pro style wax, portable warmer, exfoliating gloves and a convenient spray bottle format of Azulene Oil after-care.
240ml / 8 floz
The Original Cold Wax
60ml / 2 floz
Water washable, 100% natural, gentle enough for facial skin
140ml / 5 floz
The original sugar based hair remover, for sensitive skins
480ml / 16 floz
the original cold wax, in a microwaveable tub.
40 (20 x 2-sided) Strips
Ready-to-use Wax Strips, formulated with luxurious cream wax, for sensitive skin
18m x 60.cm / 20yds x 2.5in
Unbleached Woven Fabric
2 sizes / 20ct
Disposable Wood Spatulas
2 ct
Prevents Ingrown Hair, Promotes healthy skin
140g / 5 oz
Refill pucks for your Hot Wax pan.
Trim and shape eyebrows with pro-style precision
1 unit
Reusable & flexible with a fine edge for perfect control
250ml / 9floz
Soothing & moisturizing aftercare.
one size, 12 count
disposable spatulas for all waxes
Shape brows and remove stray hairs with professional quality tweezers
140ml / 5floz
Refill for your Parissa Roll-On

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