32 applications
Easy eyebrow waxing is here! Specially formulated for sensitive skin.
24 applications
Sensitive skin formula. 3 different size strips, for face, bikini and underarm.
240 ml / 8 fl oz
Made with Certified Organic cane sugar
16 applications
Quick, Easy & Mess-Free. Our Best Seller! Great for upper lip, touch-ups and travel!
4pc value kit
SAVE 30% and get everything you need with our Wax Strips Essentials Kit, for quick & easy waxing from head to toe!
1 unit
Single pot electric wax warmer for home use. Keeps hair removal wax at perfect temperature!
120ml / 4 floz
Microwaveable and Super-Effective. Parissa Warm Wax is ideal for coarse hair on underarms, bikini line, legs and body.
120g / 4 oz
Salon Style Hair Remover for short, coarse hair on face, brow & bikini.
20 applications
Parissa leg waxing strips are quick, easy and mess-free
60ml / 2floz
Soothe, clean and moisturize your skin immediately after waxing.
40 applications
Ready to use Wax Strips for legs and body in our NEW Super Pack, the largest size on the market!
120ml / 4 floz
Male all-over body waxing has never been this easy! Extra Strength for tough shoulder, chest or leg hair.
20 applications
Mess-free mens wax strips are easy to use for shoulders, back, chest and even those hard to reach places.
5pc value set
SAVE 30% when you buy everything you need in our Warm Wax Kit, for pro-style at-home waxing. For legs, body, bikini, underarms and face.
140ml / 5floz
Sugar waxing is a great natural hair removal treatment. Gentle on skin, yet tough on hair. Body Sugaring paste is water washable.
140ml / 5floz
Great for normal & fine hair removal. Easy to apply, and cleans up with water. Sugar based wax is gentle on all skin types.
5pc value set
SAVE 30% and get everything you need with Our Sugar Wax Kit. This pro-style at-home hair removal works great on legs, bikini, face and underarms. Water washable & gentle on all skin types
100 small sized strips
Value size, 100 pack of epilation stips for use with waxes and sugars.
100 large strips
Value size, 100 pack of epilation stips for use with waxes and sugars.
480ml / 16floz
Hi-Performance Professional Hair Removal. Removes coarse hair on legs, bikini, underarms and face. Compatible with all professional wax warmers.
480ml / 16 floz
High performance, hair removal wax infused with Tea Tree & Azulene for entire body. Professional Size
480g / 16 oz
Hot Wax hair removal. Extremely effective on short or coarse hair yet very gentle on skin. Professional use only.
480ml / 16 floz
Sugar wax hair remover, for all hair types. Gentle, water washable formula. Professional use only.
5pc value set
SAVE 30% and get everything you need with our Hot Wax Kit. Pro style wax, portable warmer, exfoliating gloves and a convenient spray bottle format of Azulene Oil after-care.
240ml / 8 floz
The Original Cold Wax
60ml / 2 floz
Water washable, 100% natural, gentle enough for facial skin
140ml / 5 floz
The original sugar based hair remover, for sensitive skins
480ml / 16 floz
the original cold wax, in a microwaveable tub.
40 (20 x 2-sided) Strips
Ready-to-use Wax Strips, formulated with luxurious cream wax, for sensitive skin
18m x 60.cm / 20yds x 2.5in
Unbleached Woven Fabric
2 sizes / 20ct
Disposable Wood Spatulas
I pair
Prevents Ingrown Hair, Promotes healthy skin. *Bonus: 8ml vial of soothing Azulene Oil*
Trim and shape eyebrows with pro-style precision
1 unit
Reusable & flexible with a fine edge for perfect control
250ml / 9floz
Soothing & moisturizing aftercare.
one size, 12 count
disposable spatulas for all waxes
professional size, 60 count
Large disposable spatulas for use with hair removal waxes and sugars.
140ml / 5floz
Refill for your Parissa Roll-On

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