Persian Cold Wax 60 ml

Persian Cold Wax 60 ml

  • Washable Formula: Cold wax (Sugar wax). This wax washes off with water. Easy cleaning.
  • Small size: Perfect for brows, face & touch-ups.
  • Sensitive skin: This wax is great on sensitive skin. It works best for fine to medium hair types.
  • Gentle warming: Only gentle warming required. Create a flowing honey consistency, this helps to apply a thin layer of wax.

This cold wax is based on a centuries old recipe. Cold wax ingredients: Sugar, Citric acid & beauty in its purest form, Persian Cold Wax has remained unchanged since 1970. This authentic, proven hair remover works beautifully so, unlike any other.

Contains: 60 ml Persian Cold Wax, 10 non-woven fabric strips, wooden spatula, easy-to-follow instructions.

  • How do I use it? A thin layer of wax is very important to get the best results. Place jar in microwave 20 seconds. Apply a thin layer of wax, press on strip, zip off quickly and parallel to your skin and opposite the direction of hair growth. 

  • Persian wax is a luxurious cold wax also known as sugar wax. Contains all natural ingredients.
    • sugar, from sugar-cane plant.
    • citric acid, plant derived.