Parissa Wax Strips Super Pack

Parissa Wax Strips Super Pack

  • Amazing value: $39 USD worth of product for only $25 USD.
  • Fast & Simple: Ready to use wax strips, perfect for travel or quick touch-ups.
  • Larger size: These wax strips are larger sized, perfect for the legs & body.
  • Instant Results: Simply press on & zip off for professional results in minutes.

This Super Pack contains everything you need for waxing. The wax type in this Super Pack is Wax Strips: Pre-lined with wax, precisely apply the perfect amount of Salon Wax for instant hair removal. 

Small wax strips face & bikini or smaller areas.

Large wax strips for the legs, arms & body, or larger areas.

Azulene oil can be applied after waxing. Azulene oil contains natural chamomile anti-inflammatory and antiseptics which reduce ingrown hairs and redness when applied regularly after waxing.

Exfoliation gloves can be used 24 hours after waxing. Regular exfoliation helps remove the outer layer of the skin's dead cells, reducing the occurrence of ingrown hairs. 


  • Larger Wax Strips x 20
  • Smaller Wax Strips x 16
  • Azulene Spray Bottle 60 ml (+ 8 ml mini size x 2)
  • Exfoliation Glove
  • Wax Strip Instructions 

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  • Waxing Instructions
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Customer Reviews

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