Professional Hot Wax Size (Hard Wax Strip-Free) 480 g

Professional Hot Wax Size (Hard Wax Strip-Free) 480 g

Parissa Hot Wax re-fill pucks x 12

Total = 480 g (16 oz. )

  • Bikini & Brazilian: Professional style wax for bikini & Brazilian waxing, works on short coarse hair.
  • Strip Free: No fabric strips are needed. This wax firms as it cools and the wax becomes the strip.
  • Sensitive skin: Beeswax makes this wax ideal for sensitive skin areas, face and underarms.

Please note, this product is not a kit and does not come with any Spatulas or Azulene oil or Instructions. Not recommended for first time Parissa Hot Wax purchasers.

Get in touch with Parissa for salon account sign-up & pricing details: Unfortunately we can only offer salon pricing to our salon customers. If you're a long time purchaser of Parissa Hot Wax re-fills please also get in touch via email with your past purchase orders as we have customer loyalty / long-time customer discounts.

Parissa’s ingredients are safe, gentle and from natural, sustainable sources. We only use the good stuff. The ingredients found in this Parissa Wax: Pine resin, canola oil, beeswax, chamomile.