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Parissa Wooden Spatulas x 60

  • Perfect wax temperature: Gently heats & maintains the perfect temperature for waxing.
  • Easy to use: Simply plug-in and turn on. No more stopping to re-heat wax during treatments.
  • Designed for Parissa: For at-home use with Parissa waxes. (Not for professional product size use).

Contains: 60 x Wooden Spatulas, 5.9" length x 0.7" wide (each). 

What is it? Theses are replacement disposable wooden spatulas, for use with liquid hair removal waxes. Use with Parissa waxes. These spatulas are professional quality and made by Parissa, who are experts in waxing.

How do I use it? Although Parissa complete waxing kits come with spatulas, you may want to purchase these extra replacement spatulas. Perfect for use with the Parissa Hot Wax, Parissa Warm Wax and Parissa Organic Wax and Parissa Chamomile Body Sugar. Use the wooden spatula to spread a thin layer of warmed wax onto your skin, in the direction of hair growth.